Steel of Jiangsu the Huaihe River develops GCr15 bearing steel successfully

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Pass 6 hours fight bravely, steel of Jiangsu the Huaihe River limited company is successful steel of bearing of 5 furnace GCr15 connects trial production casting base, the course examines, its manage each change examine index all accords with national level. GCr15 is the delegate steel in bearing steel kind, also be special the delegate steel of steel is planted one of, basically use at making bearing ferrule, ball wait. Bearing steel must have good upset, cold-drawing and cutting treatment property, anyhow quality requirement is very strict. Special steel industry is popular a word: Had done bearing steel, other steel is planted able good. In view of at present general steel and market price of average actor steel product case glides, profit space is atrophic even the circumstance of lose money in business, steel of the Huaihe River decides the market that develops high additional cost tightens spruce GCr15 bearing steel. The success of GCr15 is developed, the mark is worn actor of general of steel of the Huaihe River turned to step delectable one pace especially, laid a foundation to build industry of steel of 3 million tons of class spy. CNC Milling