10 thousand be able to bear or endure special brand of VP5600 series turning

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In June 2009, 10 thousand was able to bear or endure to roll out the turning brand VP5635 that applies to steel, stainless steel and cast-iron rough machining especially, with the VP5615 that rolls out before and VP5625 together, satisfied all sorts of pair of steel fall in all sorts of operating mode conditions the demand that material has turning is machined, the of all kinds steel that can be used at the industry such as machine of car, the sources of energy, electric power, project, shipping turning. Brand of VP5600 series turning has the following advantage: ① is better fight ability of the tumour that accumulate bits: The polish after carrying the 10 thousand coat that are able to bear or endure to own patent especially handles technology, make the surface slicker, decreased to stick knife tendency, make a bits fluenter. The point intensity with higher ② : Polishing handled craft to release coating internal stress, increased point strength. Distinctive point handled a technology to increase wearability and point strength further. The wearability with better ③ and hot property: The alumina coating ply that has heat insolation and wear-resisting property increases one times, can use at higher cutting rate, prolonged bit life. The tenacity with better ④ , wider applied range: Accurate pilot delay changes base, have optimized core ministry hardness, can maintain better impact resistance. The bit utilization rate with higher ⑤ , put an end to waste: Coating of face of the knife after the gray of double lubricious coating, discern easily of bit wear away and judge reasonable bit dislocation opportunity. CNC Milling