Easy can the application of EDS1100 series product on drawbench

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One, drawbench of drawbench character brief introduction belongs to concussion sex load performance, ask starting torsion is big, what low speed full torsion outputs is characteristic, ask linkage of scale of precision of many high rotate speed is controlled at the same time, the load with higher demand of actuating device character. 2, EDS1100 drawbench is special the characteristic of transducer is easy can EDS1100 series product suits to use the use in drawbench load, can ask when linkage of much stage scale is used common control of dc bus means, section report effect is better.

Its are main the characteristic is as follows: 1. Roll without consulting anyone uses calculation, maintain the linear velocity that receives a line and lead plane synchronism; 2. Inside buy PID controller, maintain close, the tension that put a line is constant; 3. Linkage of much stage scale can be designed common dc generatrix, need not add unit of apply the brake, can stop quickly machine; 4. Rotate speed precision is tall, have slippery difference to compensate a function; 5. When drawbench is started, flowing start, maintain when starting ceaseless line. The process middling that runs in drawbench has electromotor and dynamo load performance to happen, and when electromotor bear the slippery difference of electric machinery is, lead fluctuant; along with load conversely, when load is dynamo character, the slippery difference of electric machinery is negative, meaning exceed synchronous rotate speed namely, its are lost value and generate electricity characteristic size becomes scale; accordingly cannot control of linkage of high accuracy scale. Use easy can EDS1100 series transducer (drawbench is special model) criterion no matter drive electric machinery is dynamo or electromotor character,its slip difference all is calm value changeless (function of slippery poor compensation) , because this is OK,linkage of high accuracy scale runs. 3, easy can the special transducer application on drawbench and setting transform EDS1100 drawbench hookup: Parameter setting: CNC Milling