The application of Europe luck servo on plane shear

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Summary: The article is in with respect to driver of Europe luck servo of fixed length plane shear use undertook discussing reaching an analysis, confirm servo through producing treatment not only got rising on precision and efficiency, make rigid structure more simple at the same time, the operation is more convenient, fault rate is reduced greatly. Keyword: Plane shear of; of clipping of fixed length of servo driver; one, introductive: In become a profile makings to make after finishing, according to the requirement of hardware processing factory, will coil material cuts the plank that cuts different length into parts to bale carry client part, handle all right again by the client. Because this client asks the material that comes out to making undertakes fixed length directly,be cut off and material all in one piece for a given job, satisfy the requirement of the market, here setting falls, business of equipment production production rolls out plank to cut machine, in order to get used to the client demand to the market. 2, product brief introduction: Driver of servo of communication of word of total number of set of SD10 of Europe luck drive is my company own research and development, have the high-powered servo drive of completely own intellectual property. Driver uses processor of high-powered signal of American ACTEL company (DSP) , large-scale spot but array of process designing logic (module of FPGA) and power of intelligence of level of industry of company of 3 water chestnut (the IPM) parts of an apparatus that represents current latest technology. Function powerful, function outstanding, construction is reasonable, complete quite can contented broad client spends the requirement of treatment to high accuracy, high speed, apply extensively at the domain such as numerical control machine tool, package machine, printing machine instrument. Item characteristics: Scale down of pulse of coder of ★ of 3 machine an organic whole outputs mode of control of ★ position, speed, torsion driver of ★ of function of apply the brake of functional ★ trends and electric machinery all have speed of ★ of ability of 3 times overload to answer broadband 400HZ ★ frequency of input of exterior instruction pulse is highest 500KHZ ★ is powerful on: 1, system of machine of construction of system by put work or material rest, lead plane, receive work or material rest to comprise; among them lead plane includes plank flat round of group, orgnaization of decelerate of drive of servo electric machinery procrastinates use plank advancement system, cutting tool wearing, cut tool carrier to control its to cut by hydraulic pressure system among them. Electrical system makes up Cheng controller by Ouruike (interface of man-machine of luck of EF1N32MR) , Europe (controller of servo of EL080-VST) , Ou Rui (electric machinery of servo of SD10-GMA152T2M2PM) , Ou Rui (composition of switch of SMMA-152F37EDM) and periphery control, pursue as follows (graph summary) . 2, technological process (slightly) 4, the system debugs measure: (Slightly) 5, servo wiring and parameter install (parameter slightly) 6, last word: The company that Ou Ruichuan moves electric limited company to regard home as transducer of the earliest professional production devotes oneself to electric drive and athletic pilot research and development and production all the time. This system of plane shear a complete set of passes the try out of a few months, did not appear any problems, its control precision to still be in 0.

4 millimeter, show stability of superhigh of Europe luck product. The service personnel of the solution of a complete set of that the client represents to be offerred to Ou Rui and Europe luck is very satisfactory. This fixed length plane shear controls applied success of the system, show Ou Rui has actual strength to offer all-around solution for the client, the luck that it is Europe went to positive effect since the comprehensive promotion of servo driver. CNC Milling