Inside the treatment of whorl

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The whorl inside treatment can use a few kinds of different kind. In conventional tap treatment, can use whorl tap, be moved with the hand or motor-driven means, cut in the hole that drills beforehand inside whorl. Compare with this photograph, cold extrusion tap is used at inside the treatment do not have bits of whorl, in this kind of treatment, whorl is not to pass cutting figuration, pass cold extrusion however, the whorl tooth that needs workpiece material extruding into place. As the development of numerical control machine tool, whorl milling is introduced as another kind of optional craft inside thread machining. When treatment, use the circular motion with specific cutting tool and feed campaign, whorl is in aperture by milling figuration. Method of these 3 kinds of treatment applies to different treatment condition respectively. "Traditional " machine a method: Tap is in conventional tap treatment, workpiece material passes successive cutting by purify. When the hardness of workpiece material is more than HRC60, and in treatment of grain of deep Kong Luo, the dimension precision that because the likelihood appears,causes because of discharging bits difficulty and problem of cutting tool damaged, the application that tap processes gets very big limitation. Machine a method without bits: The cold extrusion treatment of cold extrusion whorl applies to intensity to be less than rate of the 1200 N/mm2, drawing when rupturing to be more than the workpiece material of 8% . As a result of the action of cold extruding, this kind of whorl that goes out without bits craft treatment can achieve taller static state and dynamic intensity, and better exterior quality. However, the defect of figuration of cold extruding whorl is, need machines bigger torque than traditional tap, and the lubricant with high quality need. Efficient and accurate treatment method: Milling of whorl milling whorl applies to all workpiece material almost, have best treatment flexibility and highest productivity. The whorl side that treatment gives is clean and smooth, and won't produce axial to be cut by accident. To difficult treatment material, whorl milling often is optimal treatment means. Another advantage that is underestimated is: After cutting tool breaks off, take out very easily from inside aperture. The limitation of whorl milling and whorl deepness are concerned, generally speaking, it can be machined do not exceed 3 the whorl deepness of times whorl diameter. No matter use method of which kinds of thread machining, OK and affirmatory is: The whorl in using current and advanced CNC software module circulates, easily work out machine program. Inside the requirement of actual process designing of the whorl inside thread machining loop is more complex, because must consider a lot of ginseng numerical value. Advanced CNC whorl can handle this kind of complexity with a kind of efficient way circularly. These treatment ask to input a few element circularly, include what to want deepness of cutting tool, whorl and cutting rate, and specific program parameter. These specific programs input the distinctive characteristic that considered specific tap treatment, for example, this kind of traditional tap is to pass cutting to finish, still need to complete treatment through breaking bits ability. If need bit, can mix the sport that retreat a knife change coming back to the middle of machine program of automatic be classified. The thread machining inside the join that machines measure also needs depart to machine measure normally. For example, before the whorl inside treatment, should hit centering Kong He above all beforehand bore. If need to machine a few on workpiece identical inside whorl, must machine the position to repeat these to machine measure in every so. To reduce relevant process designing workload, can found the subprogram that can call in different position. In fact, if use appropriate CNC software, the process designing that can complete these treatment step more efficiently works. Need to had written all programs that machine measure only, pass mode of a kind of position to rise its join next. The process designing that hits centering aperture, bore and tap can be finished, apply to all treatment position of this mode. These positional mode can use round to linear, aperture, reseau, frame and special position can combine treatment loop. CNC Milling