Be based on UG to make watch drive the research that three-dimensional parameter converts spare parts warehouse

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The article elaborated the method that is based on UG to generate the three-dimensional parameter that expresses drive to convert spare parts warehouse and measure, change model, affirmatory design to how establishing parameter with an example variable, designed variable and setting and editor electron watch to undertake detailed treatise to model allocation. Carry out a proof, the three-dimensional parameter that uses this method to be able to build a part convenient and quickly converts model warehouse, in order to realize the seriation design of the spare parts, can improve design efficiency greatly. Often encounter appearance likeness in the design, but the spare parts with not identical measure, the product part that is like seriation, commonly used standard component. To the 2 dimension design of these spare partses, had matured quite at present. But the development as CAD/CAM technology, the design of the product and make had new development, namely from three-dimensional to planar design stage, want to build three-dimensional model above all namely, make planar project blueprint automatically next, perhaps use model of three-dimensional spare parts to generate numerical control code directly, implementation does not have blueprint treatment, spare time and cost. Because of this spare parts three-dimensional parameter turns a model build, appear particularly important, the seriation that it will make the structure of the product is designed becomes a possibility, shortened greatly structural design is periodic, because the size variation of the spare parts brings the engineer's workload,decreased. One, in building the principle that expresses library of model of drive spare parts to design a process in the seriation of the product, to accelerate products plan process, reduce the labor of repeatability, should build structural figure identical only measurement is different the three-dimensional model library of the spare parts, be like bolt, bolt, nut, gasket, weather strip, lubricant wait for a few standard component with bearing. Although UG provided a lot of 2 development tools (wait like UG/Open GRIP, UG/Open API and UG/Open) , but use development tool 2 times to need to design personnel to have higher technology, general design staff is finished very hard. And the three-dimensional model warehouse that the watch drive technology that uses UG to offer can establish standard spare parts, current part and range of products to change a design likewise. After building three-dimensional parameter to turn a model, the setting designs variable and the design variable allocation gives a model, found an exterior electron list that contains these variable next, in receiving electronic watch chain current model. Because the electron expresses medium variable to be cited by the place of spare parts dimension of current figure file, this watch can use the measure of the spare parts in altering current figure document, so the user can express pair of spare partses to undertake modification through controlling exterior electron, avoided to change as a result of the design and must revise the loss that place of many model parameter brings, and use the part that a model can convey many congener structures. 2, the part that builds based to express drive is three-dimensional parameter turns a model 1.

Feature of analytic spare parts expresses drive spare parts to be founded efficiently, carefully analysis must undertake to this spare parts before the design, should form what build a model about this spare parts from whole above all probably train of thought, clear design spare parts needs to found what feature and the order that found these features; The immanent connection of all sorts of features that still need to notice to want to found at the same time and its respective characteristic, make clear this spare parts to need a few parameter to have drive finally. Graph the dimension tie of 1 spare parts changes a design to realize the parameter of three-dimensional model, want to undertake dimension tie and geometric constraint to the spare parts above all, determine exclusive spare parts shape thereby. If the graph is shown 1 times, the spare parts needs 8 dimension to restrain with a few geometric constraint. Dimension tie sees a picture 1. Among them geometric constraint includes: In vertical view 4 part point-blank the circular arc with photograph adjacent is tangent; 3 circles of diametical 25mm, 40mm and radius 28mm or circular arc are the same as the centre of a circle; The circle of the circular arc of radius 15mm and diametical 16mm is the same as the centre of a circle; Two diameters connect a line to be in a level for the round the centre of a circle of 16mm. Pass above dimension tie and geometric constraint build, assured the uniqueness of the spare parts. 2.

Build spare parts model to be on the foundation that analyses a spare parts, according to the respective characteristic of the spare parts, all sorts of features that found three-dimensional parameter to change model place to need, include geometrical feature and auxiliary feature, and use the three-dimensional model that all ties of afore-mentioned analysises restrain a spare parts completely. 3.

Found and allocated design variable UG to provide the function that establishs associated relationship between the model of drive dimension and spare parts through expression. Before building watch drive, should carry already affirmatory design variable the dimension that names expression allocation to give correspondence again, if pursue 2, the graph is shown 3 times. Have an edition afresh to restraining dimension in UG, finished the allocation with variable design so. Graph 2 allocate design variable to pursue 3 name expression again 4.

It is OK in UG to build watch drive in building the series size of some spare parts thoroughly in electronic form, form database of a spare parts. Such doing the management to this database, editor and patulous very convenient. Specifically, the certain in OK and aleatoric modification form or certain data, increase a group of new hardware data, increase design variable to wait a moment, the series part that final generation uses same and hypostatic model is three-dimensional model. Of the electronic form in UG found measure to be as follows: 1) clicks menu " Tools → Expression " , undertake weighing name and editing to parameter expression, if the graph is shown 2 times; 2) clicks menu " Tools → Part Families " , the system will play those who if the graph is shown 4 times,go out " Part Families " dialog box, be in what the graph shows 3 times to wait for extraction each expression are doubleclicked in parameter casing, at this moment these expression will appear in " the parameter after extraction " in list, will " Family Save Dictionary " the setting is " E:fAlan " , click next " Create " into the person " Spreadsheet (electronic form) " those who undertake spare parts library found; Dialog box 3) of graph 4 Part Families at this moment the system plays an Excel work that shows 5 times like the graph to express, in this watch the system produced 8 data kind, part 8 parameter that corresponding Yu Ganggang extracts. Mark of person spare parts loses in the watch (PartName) and the relevant ginseng of series part is numeric. With electronic form (Excel) build following data (see the graph is shown 4 times) . This occupies a form to be able to be linked with UG directly, the three-dimensional parameter that implemented a part thereby turns a model. The first behavior in the watch designs variable individually, namely the field name in the database, the following every behavior is recorded, express to decide a group of parameter of some dimension part. After the input ends, can choose " PartFamily " below menu " Verify Part " spare parts of Cheng Mou of a future life, in order to make clear parameter make choice of correct. Wait for afore-mentioned jobs to be not had clearly by accident hind, optional " PartFamily " below " Save Family " will store this electron format; Tabulation of labour of graph 5 Excel 4) the work that shows 5 times in the graph chooses 3~8 to list in the watch, click in Excel program next " PartFamily " below menu " Create Parts " , can make series part below designation working catalog a group of things with common features. Graph 6 found series part 3, the three-dimensional model warehouse that conclusion uses watch drive technology to found series part is completely feasible, and the technical personnel of familiar UG can master this skill very quickly. The hypostatic modelling function that uses UG builds example of three-dimensional spare parts and the three-dimensional parameter that express drive technology to build a part through installing reasonable design parameter to use to turn a model, the method is simple, facilitating operation, it is a kind of very practical three-dimensional parameter changes design method. CNC Milling