CAM software is the key of ceaseless progress

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A Ermo appliance uses Xi Menzi product to run NX CAM software, and newest close solid technology and numerical control machine tool, promote integrated productivity to amount to 40% . Improve ceaselessly will promote productivity, enhance the competition ability of the company and bring other benefit. However what is just true abidance is improved? To limited company of A Ermo appliance, improve continuously include to check a CAM (CAM) environment, define its weak point and find settle way. Between this first phase, it is very difficult that the company discovers with 2 peace keepings at the same time three-dimensional file works, and open all documents that did not see interpret pass very difficult also. And run NX CAM software through using Xi Menzi product, and newest close solid technology and numerical control machine tool, the company promotes integrated productivity to amount to 40% . Before A Ermo appliance holds water at 40 years, from factory of accurate and abrade paint grows to enter and transfer the manufacturer of punch mould for class quickly, provide mixed pattern and automation service for auto industry especially. "The company uses Xi Menzi product to run NX CAD software already know exactly about sth year, ensure be produced with what least program completes every part and make cost is reduced. " president this · benefit is special the Buddhist nun say. Graph 1 A Ermo appliance devotes oneself to accurate punch mould to make, and offer custom-built automation mixed pattern, this is appliance mould workshop one horn begins to check the discovery when CAM environment when the company, the CAM software that uses before has a lot of restriction, should write intricate geometry program especially or use 2 peace keeping when three-dimensional CAD file. For example, safeguard 2 peace keeping three-dimensional tool library is very difficult, CAM project is in charge of Joseph Muha to say: "Appoint appropriate geometrical structure to also have a problem for client development and offerred package likewise. " A Ermo appliance decides to use NX CAM, use the dominant position of hypostatic and unit process designing. When a lot of problems that the CAM system that before change was solved to the company after NX CAM, uses encounters. For example, NX tool library is not by the user or computer stores, store by the network however, such maintenance rise very simple. If process designing group decides to change the speed of machine of a certain cut and feed, whole group needs a change. Diagnostic model is the main drive element that A Ermo appliance decides to buy NX CAM. Long-term technology serves a company, xi Menzi product manages the partner of software, groom in the light of what this function had a by a definite date two days. Man-to-man conversation is used in the light of A Ermo appliance data grooms custom-builtly material, can help employee use NX CAM software adroitly as soon as possible. Actually, the newest function that Mu Ha says to the company is using NX adequately now will gain competitive advantage. Benefit spy Buddhist nun introduces: Below the condition that does not change CAD course, the diagnostic function of NX CAM can identify 90% existing model features. After once the company can handle all functions of NX CAM,he predicts, operation efficiency will rise greatly. Especially, NX CAM helps A Ermo appliance applied prototype of different and phyletic three-dimensional model to build the operation of a milepost type effectively, this and company are first adoption CAM system is inseparable. The prototype that complex setting needs different sort deserves to be in a factory with fashionable dress. Graph · of 2 rash guest Gelunhaosi is advanced mould stylist, he is using research and development of software of Xi Menzi NX to give ordinal die now, the company can imitate a kind of any cut, and assemble them together. Be opposite when software when a component and photograph adjacent component had undertaken cutting checking, a Ermo appliance can see the interaction between package. During be being operated to make main shaft is in, can move longer, a Ermo appliance improved productivity. No less, will all component is assembled in a cube, make horizontal treatment can use NX CAM, this to the company it is an award of a huge sum. In implement new close solid technology, after new CNCCNC Machining machine and new NX CAM software, company of A Ermo appliance improved the productivity of 40% . A Ermo appliance passes those who enlarge NX to use enhance actual strength ceaselessly, include to enhance punch to design an operation, assume newer, bigger, more complex three-dimensional model. A Ermo appliance is made now exceed 50in (1in = 25.

4mm) cast a model longly, and capable production the model of 50 ~ 80in and bigger three-dimensional board. "Our actual strength, with respect to speed, quality and competition ability character, can make the big pattern plate that rolled out last year. " benefit spy Buddhist nun says then, "To some companies, their job is machining, and to us, it is design and innovation drive new business greatly. We all along consign first-rate product. There was NX now, we became the leader of CNC Machining world-class. " author: Emily Probst CNC Milling