Make electric main shaft escapes the protection system that suffers collision loss

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Graph of protection system of 1 report main shaft and electric main shaft decorate means protection system of main shaft of a report is in the driving force that produces the meeting below collision overload circumstance to cut off electric main shaft, protect those sensitive to colliding components with this. Protector bag contains a double flange that contains permanent magnet. Permanent magnet uses master piece of apply the brake on segregation dot. On cutting machine tool, walk axis and the great damage that interfere the intense collision that happens between the object to be able to cause a part. Stop for long in the machine tool machine and produce high specified number in upkeep costs circumstance, be interfered as a result of the component and collide and having 70% is brought about. The main part that is browbeaten by collision has main shaft actuating device and dynamoelectric main shaft. The reason of the interference of the component and collision is many sided. Deflection mixes the null that defines mistake, mistake besides process designing mistake, cutting tool to was not noticed outside besides outline interference, the accident that another common breakdown cause is machine tool axis walks quickly. The hand is moved stop a function urgently to often cannot prevent collision in time. Because machine tool equipment is rigid big, walk rate is high (the biggest amount to 1m/s) , the impact force that bring about is very large also (exceed 100kN) . The result that impact force brings to cutting tool a side often is cutting tool ruptures and the component with those pairs of sensitive collision on dynamoelectric main shaft is damaged. 40% bearing injury results from collision to study the result makes clear, injury of bearing of 40% dynamoelectric main shaft all results from collision. In addition, according to different collision level, still can produce axis or cutting tool clip to hold a system to be out of shape, circumgyrate connect is sealed the breakdown such as malfunction and invalidation of automatic and synchronous sensor. Maintain and safeguard charge what what need after acuteness collision to be able to be as high as 70% of the price when electric main shaft is brand-new, and need waste time undertake repairing with several weeks of time. Other consequence of injury is like a machine tool maintain, production is interrupted and offer goods period defer to wait, had not calculated inside. Findings makes clear, the loss that collision place causes and the upkeep cost that the machine tool requires are as high as tens of thousands of euro, this kind of circumstance is not absent a few. The system is controlled in the machine tool (because react time place is restricted) adopt to the axis going before the machine tool through monitoring system of such as electron apply the brake, inverting and before stopping to wait for measure to collide in case, mechanical protection system has developed effectiveness. Graph 2 report main shaft defends the system is in null and the deflexion circumstance when axial of cutting tool happening or radial collision to react through using the mechanical and safe element with strong capability, can prevent the happening of this kind of injury effectively. This kind of safe device is added very easily to install machine tool equipment, when the machine tool exceeds ultimate moment of force, moving force can be cut off between feed electric machinery and guide screw. But, produce a defect from this, under the action that after guide screw system is cut off in moving force, still continues to be in impact force namely. Because safe coupler cannot be the machine tool of high power sex, contain the machine tool of linear electric machinery and feed actuating device especially, offer good settlement way, accordingly, using safe system to protect dynamoelectric main shaft optionally is a kind of inevitable requirement. The protection system of electric main shaft that as soon as possible of Nextpage protection system severs newest research and development of company of technology of dynamical Jakob drive has very tall tigidity between interface of main shaft box and electric main shaft, can fall in the overload circumstance that is aware of interference be caused by, undertake be mixinged directly be cuttinged off inchoately to the moving force of electric main shaft, can protect sensing element effectively to avoid from this suffer collision loss. The protection system of electric main shaft of place research and development is a kind of collision and overload defend system, its installation is in between machine tool and electric main shaft inside the influence area of moving force. This kind of motivation can make after exceeding specific limit power electric main shaft produces 3D deflexion. When axial of cutting tool happening or radial interference, according to the different situation of overload and collision, deflexion can behave the axial elapse of the main shaft that it is report already, also can behave the side deflexion of the main shaft that it is report. Protector includes one each to move in be opposite enclosed double flange system. Partition locally the system of a kind of permanent magnet that prevents force to carry special development is generated. The mill business place of the machine tool of magnetic force basis of permanent magnet or electric main shaft is given ultimate absorption affinity or ultimate absorption affinity quadrature and of set. Appear locally when partition when absorption affinity is too big, permanent magnet system can cut off the flange of machine tool and side of electric main shaft directly. As electric main shaft the flange of side is loosened and clearance is increased, magnetic force can drop quickly. After partition happening, the pressure bedspring cell that shows radial to decorate on the machine tool can develop the function that prop up, direct to float since the flange that also is side of electric main shaft at the same time action. The effect way of bedspring and deflexion way are opposite, make electric main shaft produces deflexion along an adjustable bedspring method. Graph 3 report main shaft defends knot composition of a picture of the system and bedspring component parallel are installing liner of damp of a few concussion. Damp gasket is OK and additional the trends when absorbing deflection is pounded can. Regard force of electric main shaft as the result that is cut off, the wallop peak value that causes loss possibly was brought to bear on namely effective damp. Try to identify to collision circumstance to adopt system of machine tool device control character, install the approximate switch on main shaft flange undertakes be monitoringed continuously to the coincide of flange. When flange is apart, contact is interrupted, pass one of controlling a system to identify a function automatically at the same time, each axis of the machine tool also stops by apply the brake to move. After position of collision of deviate of electric main shaft, below bedspring force and the action of the function in be opposite automatically, defend the system can return his well and truly afresh initiative locally. Defend the system also can be made converse decorate, can bear for many times to collide and won't be damaged. Anti-fouling implement to systematic protection action passes what adopt to permanent magnet system to close sexual measure, outside the system side won't produce interference magnetic field or appeal. Softness is blown airtightly corrupt implement device is additional to arriving since this system prevent the lubricant, useless bits or contamination action that enters this system. The place on put together is narrated, this kind defends the system has following advantages: The principle of passive type job of self-confessed energy; Very tall absorption affinity, ensure operation is safe; Very expensive system is rigid, can achieve huge absorption affinity; Draw dynamic blow energy through damper; Inside place stays deflexion condition urgently to inquire a function; Automatic and accurate restoration; Apply to the equipment of dynamoelectric main shaft of all sorts of common external forms; Faster than reaction of pure electron monitoring system; Raise the utilization rate of machine tool equipment, maintenance-free. CNC Milling