Indian development goes production satellite to launch the advanced machine tool of equipment

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According to Indian Asia news service company reported on June 15, 2006, india is state-owned and heavy-duty engineering company (HEC) the is used at making a satellite launch device machine tool that has developed proper motion of Indian head stage to build. HEC develops this kind " computerized numerical control lathe of vertical of 3 axes odd column " (ThreeAxisSingleColumnComputerisedNumericalControlVerticalTurningandBoring) , can use at treatment extremely the product that course satellite carrier rocket uses and component. HEC is designed and made this machine tool. A of HEC senior official says, this machine tool is considered as one of the world's advanced machine tools. It can be used at building a satellite to launch device. He still expresses, indian space studies the organization once tried to acquire this kind of machine tool from Japan, but refuse. On June 14, the machine tool is turned over to Indian space to consider to organize VikramSarabhai aerospace center. CNC Milling