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In recent years, development of industry of Chinese spin machinery is very rapid. Spin machine the manufacturing shift that is textile industry and corporeal foundation, its technology level, quality and production cost, matter to the development of textile industry directly. A few days ago, machinery of some large and famous knitting produces Zhejiang on the way that the company grows in high speed, encountered to make do hard " obstacle " : The core unit on its product horizontal braiding machine -- servo drive system, because of character not beautiful and cause breakdown to be resided all the time do not fall high, increase as crop ceaselessly, new machine fault rate and after service workload grow day and day, this affected the development of this enterprise badly. Know after this circumstance, the stage amounts to electronic group subsidiary -- in amount to report to connect through communication communication and make an on-the-spot investigation actually for many times, combine a characteristic that amounts to automation product, for plant of this large needle engine custom-built a solution, make its produce moral character to be able to promote considerably, and still created fault rate under the beautiful accomplishment of one thousandth! After passing strict test and try out, report is amounted to to connect in form the strategy with this enterprise affined -- made trade of its largest servo form a complete set. Current, this enterprise its crop already from the 200 ~ before form a complete set 300 / month, growth restricts 500 amazing amount every months to now. Predict according to this enterprise technologist, can amount to 800 to next year general / lunar scale of production! 2008-2010 year, as the rapid development of the world and Chinese textile, bigger and bigger to spinning the demand of machine, china spins machine industry development to facing very good opportunity. Predict 2010, suffer what spin machinery upgrades to drive, production value of new product of industry of Chinese spin machinery is led will by 2005 25% rise 50% 2010. Amount to as the stage that already enjoyed great reputation in textile, will as always the textile that is China offers more high grade products and guest to make the solution that change, consistent sufficient " innovation, appreciation " customer service concept, achieve in all together with the client double win! About the stage round stage of the subclass that amount to report amounts to electronic group to found 1971, headquarters is set in Taiwan Taipei, all set foothold of production, sale and center of technical research and development in America, Europe and Asia. As the whole world the biggest power source manages the leader of systematic supplier and industrial automation domain, the stage amounts to electronic group still is global monitor, electron at the same time the mainstream supplier of 0 component and network product. 2007, group business income beforehand appraise will amount to 5 billion dollar (add up to a RMB about 38 billion yuan) . In industrial automation domain, the stage is amounted to by right of the professional experience that accumulates in electric power electron and control technology respect, since beginning to produce transducer 1995, the stage amounts to product line ceaseless dilate, already had drive, control, campaign up to now the automation product with 3 kinds of big advanced and all ready, reliable series, be in with boundless innovation force, make world automation science and technology progress ceaselessly. About in report is amounted to to connect Inc. to held water 1992 in amounting to report to connect, headquarters is set in Shanghai Pudong, 35 branches and service site are owned in the mainland, it is international the tycoon that cross a state -- the subsidiary that the stage amounts to electronic group. The high quality aureola of adopy parent company, report is amounted to to tell the perfect union that devotes oneself to will efficient energy-saving science and technology and applied project in, offer the compositive program of unifinication, establish competitive dominant position together with the client. In industrial automation domain, report is amounted to to connect in with high grade product, technology of thorough knowledge industry provides the service that the integrated program with quantity custom-built body and global couplet defend, for unanimously praise of broad industry client, client domain pervades spin, machine tool, presswork, pack, the numerous industry such as Lou Yu, machinery. Report is amounted to to connect in offer automation, motivation and proposal of set prescription of the product that inspect message and collect for industrial level client, it is your most calculable partner. More detail, land our Chinese website Http://www please.


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