N10G92X100Z100normalStyle="MARGIN:0cm0cm0pt">N20M06T0101n"> N10G92X100Z100normalStyle="MARGIN:0cm0cm0pt">N20M06T0101n" />

Whorl kind the numerical control lathe of 5 machines the spare parts process designing source program

  • Time:
  • Click:280
  • source:WEINBERG CNC Machining
Normal >N10 G92X100Z100normal >N20 M06T0101normal >N25 G04P3normal >N30 M03M07normal >N40 G90G0042Z2normal >N50 G01Z0F200normal >N60 X15normal >N70 G90G0060Z2normal >N80 G71U2W0R1P90Q140X0.

5Z0F200normal >N90 G01X28Z2F100normal >N100 Z0normal >N110 X30Z-1normal >N120 Z-20normal >N130 G03X37.

98Z-24R4normal >N140 G01Z-42normal >N150 G90G00100Z100normal >N160 T0100normal >N170 M05M00normal >N180 M06T0303normal >N190 G04P3normal >N200 M03normal >N210 G90G0015Z2normal >N220 G71U1W0R1P230Q290X-0.

5Z0F200normal >N230 G01X26Z2F100normal >N240 Z0normal >N250 X24.

045Z-1normal >N260 Z-4.

125normal >N270 X20normal >N280 X18Z-40normal >N290 Z-42normal >N300 G90G00Z100Z100normal >N310 T0300normal >N320 M05normal >N330 M00normal >N340 M06T0404normal >N350 G04P3normal >N360 M03normal >N370 G90G0040Z-20normal >N380 G01X26F20normal >N390 G04P0.

5normal >N400 G01X100F200normal >N410 G01Z100normal >N420 T0400normal >N430 M05normal >N440 M00normal >N450 M06T0101normal >N460 G04P3normal >N470 M03normal >N480 G90G0032Z-14normal >N490 G01X30F50normal >N500 X26Z-16normal >N510 G90G00100normal >N520 Z100normal >N530 T0100normal >N540 M05M00normal >N550 M06T0202normal >N560 G04P3normal >N570 M03normal >N580 G90G0034Z4normal >N590 G82X29.


75normal >N600 G82X29.


75normal >N610 G82X29.


75normal >N620 G90G00100Z100normal >N630 T0200normal >N640 M05M00normal >N650 M06T0404normal >N660 G04P3normal >N670 M03normal >N680 G90G0042Z-44 (assume cutting tool is wide 4mm) Normal >N690 G01X15F20normal >N700 G90G00100Z100normal >N710 T0400normal >N720 M05M09normal >N730 M30 CNC Milling