Mechanical product designs the research of platform and implementation quickly below PDM environment

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Foreword is below the globalization market environment with current increasingly intense competition, how does the industry adopt reasonable design method and documentation management technique effectively, improve a design efficiency, reduce product cost, shorten the design is periodic with market of quick race to control, already became the crucial factor that a company is able to grow in competition. The article from the analysis three-dimensional design and product data manage (PDM) photograph union begins, those who studied PDM system and SolidWorks system is compositive, the documentation that studied the design platform that is based on PDMWorks Worksgroup mainly manages a technology, be based on example test and verify finally of this design platform can realize gender and maneuverability. This design platform reduced design cost greatly, shortened products plan is periodic, rose to design efficiency, strengthened what design staff to client end to dog especially information and attributive canal accuse, achieved the goal that makes design system efficient and confidential. What 1 PDM system and SolidWorks system make the same score Taichun in the design is compositive 1.

1The occurrence of PDM system and SolidWorks system and development PDM appear at 20 centuries 80 time are prime, from most government of initial project attempt archives expands gradually, become an administration quickly all related to the product information is mixed the product is relevant the technology of the process. All information related to the product include: 0 / image of documentation of configuration of structure of component information, product, structure, file, CAD, scanning and examine and approve information to wait; All processes related to the product include Bin of flow of lifecycle, work, careful to extend to change the definition that wait and monitoring with the project. File of directiveness of basis country standardization " data of company application product manages (PDM) implements a standard " , develop PDM system the platform with compositive information as company product, pass compositive the information that comes from different application system, the data that obtains all sorts of software place generation in developing a process to the product and documentation undertake administrative effectively, the information between implementation application software is shared, establish information of company overall situation compositive platform. SolidWorks is a CAD/CAE/CAM/PDM desktop that is based on Windows compositive system, it is American SolidWorks company be being summed up and acceded on the foundation of software of CAD of instrument of large scale computer, the software of a mechanical and three-dimensional CAD that comes true below Windows environment, the assembly of the three-dimensional model that has a part, three-dimensional component and graph of will three-dimensional substance are changed automatically into attempt of 2 dimension project to wait for a function, in company products plan application is compared extensive. 1.

2The compositive article of PDM system and SolidWorks system uses interface mode to implement PDM system and SolidWorks system between compositive. Interface mode is to agree with a PDM system and three-dimensional CAD software are compositive kind of compositive mode, three-dimensional CAD can generate a product automatically in assembling a model to assemble a tree, can get 0 / the assembly between the component concerns, PDM end generates product structure to cultivate a need this, the product structure tree that interface mode basically solves PDM system namely and CAD software assemble the problem of data structure consistency of the tree. According to compositive need, interface mode wants to give out two one-way interface, an interface implementation designs data from SolidWorks to PDM deliver, an interface realizes data from PDM to SolidWorks deliver. Two interface are the menu drive that uses the API function development that its system offers. 1) from SolidWorks to PDM system the implementation of compositive interface. The SolidWorks user place that the purpose of this interface is a client end designs 0 / the file data such as subassembly relation and relevant attribute conveys PDM system, hypostatic model is added automatically in the product structure tree of PDM, save pertinent information to arrive in the database of PDM system. 2) from PDM system to SolidWorks system the implementation of compositive interface. What PDM end carries to SolidWorks is compositive, it is to point to the model that examines SolidWorks directly in PDM, or examine after the direct SolidWorks that start, edit three-dimensional model, when necessary, need establishs the product structure in PDM according to in assembling a relation to send a person to SolidWorks system. In above in the implementation of two interface, the use of PDMWorks Worksgroup software is indispensable, also can saying is implementation compositive medium crucial technology. The article elaborates the key PDMWorks Worksgroup software to design what bridge crane system makes the same score Taichun to apply in SolidWorks. Nextpage 1.

The structural frame of 3 designs platform and software support 1.


The structural frame of 1 design platform works actually according to company design branch environment, frame of this design platform can be divided for 3 parts, it is end of server, client and workstation respectively, among them client end is in charge of parameter setting, good the setting data refers SQLServer server, after workstation job is finished, client end can examine the information such as attempt of model, project and BOM watch; Workstation is in charge of what new model, project pursues generating, get data to undertake model drive and project attempt are adjusted from the server; The server is in charge of data management. 1.


The software that place of 2 designs platform wants supports a server to carry the software that wants installation to be: Microsoft SQL Server, SolidWorks and PDMWorks server; The client carries the software that wants installation to be: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Access, SolidWorks and PDMWorks client are carried; The software that workstation wants to install is: SolidWorks and Microsoft Excel. The research of technique of 2 documentation management 2.

The composition of 1)PDMWorks Worksgroup of software of PDMWorks Worksgroup of 1 to load. (1) electron storehouse. Electronic storehouse is a folder (be located in commonly on the server) , in the project folder that all files maintain existence electron warehouse, all data and file undertake maintenance in electronic storehouse. (2) library manages a tool. Library government tool provides the limits of authority that installs a system for PDMWorks Worksgroup administrator. (3)PDMWorks Worksgroup client is carried. Average user visits the function of PDMWorks Worksgroup through be located in the client in SolidWorks or SolidWorks Explorer to carry. (4)PDMWorks Worksgroup consults implement. PDMWorks Worksgroup consults implement the way that offerred to be based on a network to visit electronic warehouse, PDMWorks Worksgroup consults implement allow an user to consult and print documentation and make etc. 2)PDMWorks Worksgroup software used 3 kinds of user interface, it is respectively: Built-in in SOlidWorks, PDMWorks Worksgroup can be visited in task window case; If do not have installation or moving SolidWorks software, also can move through SolidWorks Explorer; If connected Internet, still can use PDMWorks Worksgroup to consult implement bound. This literary grace uses means with the first kind, use in SolidWorks task window namely. 3) starts PDMWorks Worksgroup. After PDMWorks Worksgroup installation is finished, its interface won't show automatically go up in SolidWorks screen, need first from next choices in pulling menu [tool] / [plug-in unit] start it. PDMWorks Worksgroup is compositive in case of SolidWorks task window, when PDMWorks Worksgroup moves, the file is explored implement it is cent local view and library view two case, the local disk that local view place demonstrates and Windows resource management implement go up show identical; What library view shows is the content in PDMWorks Worksgroup library, its organize structural means to be similar to FeatureManager to design a tree, state with different color the user has different limits of authority to the project. 2.

2 check enter documentation 2.


1 entry PDMWorks Worksgroup is in when PDMWorks Worksgroup in plug-in unit after activation, fang Kedeng records PDMWorks Worksgroup, in entry process, the requirement provides the place of user name, password and library. 2.


The check of documentation of documentation of 2 check person enters a process is duplicate actually a carbon arrives in the library, and the user passes PDMWorks Worksgroup ability to undertake operating to the library only, once documentation check put in storage is medium, PDMWorks Worksgroup is opposite control user the visit attributive of this documentation, version and lifecycle. 2.

After put in storage of file of 3 visits documentation, check goes out and can use in work of the following design, but want to be sure to keep in mind: Do not be opposite in the library the file undertakes modification waiting operating directly. 2.

The 4 librarian main setting to PDMWorks Worksgroup and management are used in PDMWorks Worksgroup in, the mainest operation is centered on librarian body, librarian is the personnel that storehouse of responsible control electron is installed and carries out data to safeguard, here basically explains the librarian setting to PDMWorks Worksgroup and management. The setting of Nextpage1) electron storehouse and management. In designing staff, should install only librarian ability visits a warehouse through Windows, user of common PDMWorks Worksgroup cannot have the operation that read or keeps to electronic storehouse through Windows. Librarian basically has the following sides to the maintenance of the library: Backup library (when duplicate electron storehouse, must assure a file to do not have the processing work that having in the library in duplicate process, its means of settlement has two kinds: The lock decides an electron storehouse and stop PDMWorks Worksgroup to serve) , log file files, uphold user Zhang order, move to define check of attribute, batch to enter a file oneself except unused file, map from inside the library, upgrade PDMWorks Worksgroup software and the data in updating a library. The setting of date of 2) user Zhang and management. Click [user and group] option can enter setting interface, when PDMWorks Worksgroup first time is installed, systematic acquiesce has 3 users: Pdmwadmin, User_w and User_r, they show a manager respectively, have the user that writes attributive and have read-only the user of attributive. The administrator can need actually to found or delete name of user, modification user and password according to designing a system. Additional, also can establish user group, can more the permissive limits of authority that controls a project conveniently. The setting of 3) project and management. After entry PDMWorks Worksgroup, click [project] after option, can undertake additive new project, delete the operation such as the project, after founding new project and its subproject, undertake project attributive is installed, project attributive setting includes read-only attributive, read write attributive and without attributive. 4) the setting of lifecycle and management. Click a graph 6 in [lifecycle] option enters setting interface, lifecycle is used at showing the file is located condition, if In Design(design is medium) , Pending(is evaluated) , Released(is released) etc, can state according to the file periodic state changes a file to have authority and version control. Librarian divides 5) setting above 4 outside, still should need custom-built version program according to specific design, setting version watch and standard library. 3 example use this design platform is the parameter of a bridge crane that develops for some enterprise change design system, this system basically uses VB to undertake 2 times developing one J to SolidWorks, use PDM technology, the key uses PDMWorks Worksgroup function, came true to dog to accuse with attributive canal to designing the information of personnel. Design platform build and the software that end of operation 1) server, client and workstation install place to need to support respectively; Build database and to the client upright personnel undertakes the user is mixed in group attributive set. Each client of 2) carries the job that gets according to oneself, use data of a pattern plate to build 0 / component model tags project attempt, read after taking project attempt to concern information, this 3 are saved to workstation. 3) builds place the model main parameter and located the condition, person that found, in founding the information such as time to write Excel to express, the database uploads his after entry system, save to the server in. 4) enters design system, get a project, click oneself to have limits of authority accordingly in structural tree 0 / component, call VB relevant parameter to install module after that, the parameter that take a person installs an interface, a new data is generated on the foundation of pattern plate data, make its save long-range database. 5) workstation from newest setting parameter is gotten over there the server, call module of VB corresponding drive and air plan module to undertake model drive and project attempt are adjusted, workstation is after overfulfil job, the visit attributive that can change a client to carry according to file condition gives corresponding client upright information hint. 6) client end is in after getting hint, explore in PDMWorks Worksgroup file implement the part that oneself can find to have limits of authority accordingly in library view and project attempt, and can execute visit documentation function. 7) undertakes the setting perhaps quits a system issueing a parameter. Epilogue the article designs administrative need actually according to company design branch, those who studied PDM system and SolidWorks system is compositive, analysed the crucial technology that manages in the documentation in designing a system, achieved the goal with design, double and efficient management, after be opposite, PDM is designing the wide application in the system to have important sense. CNC Milling