Laser much general straps LDDM

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LDDM - V measures a system to offer easier, quicker, more convenient method in order to is measured reach calibration machine tool measures the linear journey precision of machine, horn to slant with 3 coordinate, geometrical precision and bulk precision. It applies extensively also at X - the precision calibration of Y platform, flat, optical platform, revolving stage, usable will do the trends such as circular motion, vibration to measure. Should measure a system to use American light to use a firm (Optodyne Inc.

) the laser much general that has solely straps a measuring instrument (LDDM) patent technology. Beam of light shoots the laser that LDDM uses classics modulation to move to smooth target, diagnose the velocity of light that handles reflection to come back next, computation gives the displacement of smooth target to measure, show it come or feedback gives controller. LDDM - V surveys a system only 4 components: A processor of an a head of cabinet helium neon laser, signal, monitor (or notebook computer) with a parallel illuminator. LDDM - V surveys a system beardless interferometer, shortened greatly thereby measure erect time, also do not need to use traditional method place must heavy tripod. Fast measurement erect LDDM - the erect that V surveys a system is simple and fast, because it stimulates bareheaded and parallel illuminator only,these two components must want to aim. These two components can very locate conveniently go up in the machine tool, should move besides the beard when measuring with respect to disappear actually go the problem of shield of partial machine tool. And, LDDM - V measures a system to need the reflex of hundred to be able to undertake metrical only, other interferometer needs unlike in that way the reflex ability of very high percentage undertakes metrical. Faster run automatic data to collect a function to be able to allow other job is carried out while handlers is collecting data. Horn slants data can be collected in motion (On-the-fly) , do not need the exercise that disturbs a machine tool, can undertake to the machine tool trends is measured. Calibration speed of the standard is 1.

8 meters / second (but optional buy 3.

6 meters / the speed of the second) . Use head of laser of double passageway processor and double beam of light, can collect journey precision and horn to slant at the same time data. Machine tool simply goes, these two data can be obtained at the same time. This saved place of machine tool calibration to need time greatly. Traditional measurement the system needs to use two interferometer, need erect twice in order to obtain data. Hard usage, facilitate as a result of,carry need not tripod and interferometer, reduced a part, because of LDDM of this a complete set of - V measures a system to be able to be installed inside a suitcase. It is so cabinet that journey precision surveys a system, as a result can treat as portable baggage is carried and need not consign. And, classics test, LDDM - the shock impact that V measures a system to be able to endure 8G, its cable can bear 22 kilograms pulling force. Data collects data to collect cent to move two kinds automatically with the hand, it is to adopt the metric software of menu drive means to undertake, be like NMTBA, VDI and ISO according to industrial standard, software can print position error scale come out. Use the notebook computer of the window operating system of a standard, pass RS - 232 interface, the system can move, need not any adding insert card or hardware. Quality makes sure LDDM-V measures a system to be able to be satisfied include a variety of industry standards such as TQM, Mil-Spec 45662 and EVA. Taller precision LDDM - V measures systematic precision extremely tall. Laser head and parallel illuminator are fixed put on the machine tool, eliminated the error that brings as a result of machine tool vibration thereby. And the system still offerred automatic environment to compensate (press force, machine tool like air temperature, air / the temperature of material) , the temperature that compensates a machine tool expands. Laser stability is less than 0.

1ppm, systematic precision is 1.

0ppm, resolution can be amounted to 0.

01 μ M. The measurement of journey precision and angle limits can amount to 100 meters. CNC Milling