Realize simple and easy and effective laser control

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Photograph of Laser Cutting plan relatively the synchronism with came true better at traditional plan, the own research and development of craft module and compositive (if mechanical compensation, leapfrog and laser control are compositive,wait) , have better treatment rate and precision at traditional system relatively, promoted efficiency. To system of traditional Laser Cutting control, normally its use appropriative CNC system to realize the operation processing of pair of cut interpolation, and the control that PLC uses at logic, because traditional PLC cannot run CNC system,this is, it puts in the following problem: ● construction of system is complex, by PC and the PCI bus line that run its to go up embedded the system is formed; Move in the processor that ● PLC and CNC program differ in two, cannot realize synchronism; ● system needs a variety of bus line systems, include bus line of interior of real time pilot and the bus line that are used at logic and distributed I/O; System of ● appropriative software, cannot use current software. The CNC system of B&R is to be based on general industrial PC, the Ethernet POWERlink of net of real time aether that passes a 100Mbps will design, system of moving SoftCNC software, can run current software system and CNC system to have data alternant, realize open software interconnection, realize more open function for the machine compositive, offerred very outstanding banner sex and high reliability to design. Regard treatment as the sources of energy with CO2 laser generator, use the optical lens that installs mobile on cut machine tool axis to pass laser for many times reflection guiding to be in to the cut head of the machine tool, after laser passes the focusing lens focusing of cut head interior, amount to focusing of laser light beam 1 million tile into an energy density / square centimeter tall brightness spot. This spot can heat cut material in the instant, fused evaporate even. The action that coordinates cut to assist gas plays melting material, when moving according to the code of machine program when cut head so, form kerf on Ban material, finish the cut of the spare parts thereby. The functional design requirement of Laser Cutting of functional design requirement included many fields, the software system that also made machine itself designs a key. Normally laser power all has a cumulative concern with time, this is meant go up in certain cut dot when laser focusing time is longer, can bring very big cut energy to cause cut thereby the amount is larger, at the same time related to treatment speed itself, corresponding at different speed, laser needs to provide corresponding laser power, and the system needs those who consider laser power to control itself to answer defer, what lest appear,the energy inadequacy of laser or excessive cause cut is inhomogenous. the equipment that waits for high accuracy Sheet Metal Fabrication at car, aerospace and ship to a lot of application, demand of its outline precision is higher, effect of laser power pilot can bring the bigger difference of quality. The main effect of auxiliary gas is to be cut to support combustion, blow off through air current the frit be soiled on cut face, make cut surface smooth and neat. Realize this one process to need to undertake controlling to aeriform pressure: When pressure is too great, can create cut area thick cut seam wider; When pressure is insufficient, criterion cut face has frit floodwater on low-lying land and efficiency is inferior. According to different cut job, connect regular meeting to choose different cut to assist gas, control system controls aeriform pressure at the same time. When moving continuously, the machine tool of fixed position need between outline rises often stop, this took up the machine tool is whole 30% of run time. Because this is bouncing,the orientation way of type should compare way of common fixed position to save 3~5 the time of times, improved manufacturing efficiency greatly. The flow of orientation way work of bouncing type is normally: Guan Guang, pass gas; Cut head is raised; Cut head translation; Cut head falls; Open light / open gas. And the circuit that designs through Beijialai is: Guan Guang / pass gas at the same time cut head is raised; Fixed position is finished at the same time, cut head drops cut height; Begin cut. Beijialaitong controls confluence with motion traditional CNC and Robotics and fixed position control, this faces the overall situation of whole machine and modular machine electrical system to design a concept, regard each component of the machine as an unified whole on one hand, immanent hardware and software made between each unit without seam join, in the meantime, software is designed with framework of module melt into again, ensure of code can transplant gender and repeat use sex, reduced the development cost of enterprise whole. Build go up in object-oriented process designing foundation, general Windows platform offerred the port of service and PVI, undertake through PVI interface and software library of ARNC0 of CNC software library alternant, its included to show, program of athletic control, PLC. Traditional laser power controls the control that offers a PLC by the manufacturer of laser normally, and overall systematic provider gives out through communication means rate value, regard the adjustment of power controller as the basis. The problem that exists here depends on, what place of power controller manufacturer offers is the subsystem that control the craft of itself to laser power according to its and designs, and CNC system is the subsystem that consideration motion controls itself and arises, there are a synchronism and harmonious problem between two systems, this brought rife deviation. And the GMC framework of B&R makes the PLC of laser power is controlled and the control be in harmony of CNC itself is an organic whole, will look on software, CNC task and task of power pilot logic all are the errand that runs on ARNC0 platform, the software between its concerns for close together coupling, and go up in hardware, pass Ethernet POWERlink bus line, the athletic speed of axis of X, Y is calculated and feedback gives a system, the system can handle laser power to control the job at the same time, CNC system uses the high speed break of 400uS, and power control also can be on corresponding total cycle time by processing, so that as close together as motion coupling. Nextpage this one design ensured the confluence of motion and laser power, ensured treatment precision is adjusted with manufacturing rate neatly. Likewise such to assisting aeriform control, process of will whole cut builds a model, can ensure aeriform pressure reachs power to wait according to material, ply undertake adjustment, ensure auxiliary gas provides good safeguard for cut process thereby, improve cut quality. Besides traditional CNC and control function, b&R system added mechanical compensation to control a function at the same time, to a lot of cut, especially large cut system, the mechanical and unit inertia of drive of its electric machinery is bigger, this meeting creates the cut quality problem that inertia does not match and brings, for example the cut of round horn and square horn, because inertia is bigger, normally its can cause excess when high speed moves, and the cut outline that cannot form high accuracy. In adopting ACOPOSmulti drive system before make a present of controls algorithm, the make a present of before the inertia of mechanical system and torque demand are given beforehand is worth, ensure fixed position of quick in treatment implementation is answered thereby. Because ACOPOS servo is had but free editorial curve, can answer the design such as time according to initial drop, terminative dot and each switch a most smooth and fast curve, reduce the curvilinear relocation that highest effect achieves while the machine is oscillatory. Automation Studio is compositive the visible development platform that change, it offerred CNC to machine the graphical processing in the process, can save according to needing to undertake to these graphs, processing, because this system uses APC, the processing of supportable high-powered processor to graphical task, and the interface with open APC is mixed Windows XP system is supportable rich graphical editor and design, undertake joining through PVI and Automation Runtime system, the graph that this makes Windows rich and development capacity and task of real time control are united in wedlock cheek by jowl, accordingly, can realize a completely visible development process, give finally of End User is one is operated easily and use and the system with powerful function. Shape in the cut of Ban gold field in industry treatment, it is OK to make way automatically feedback gives handlers a fundamental treatment way, process designing person through inputting G code editing process, the system can generate the emulation of a program automatically to machine a process for its, pass this course, the knows oneself operation job with OK and intuitionistic handlers is how to move, and to test and verify its code is mixed revise the reference with offer important in time. This system used Ethernet POWERlink technology, it can support the data of 100Mbps to transmit the total cycle time with the biggest 200uS, to ensuring cut of high speed high accuracy is machined character, crucial. Ethernet POWERlink to the system, a few very main techniques prop up: Ethenet POWERlink ensured the synchronism of athletic job and logistic task, system of traditional Laser Cutting introduces diverse bus line in the light of different unit normally; Alternate communication ensured the data between CNC axis is exchanged directly, improved axial motion efficiency. To POWERlink, its support Safety technology likewise, enter the execution of international market and home to standard of machine safety IEC61508 as POWERlink, safety technology can achieve the test of functional security stability of SIL3 grade, ensure machine manufacturer satisfies safe requirement to reduce the cost of attestation at the same time. The system used the APC of Gao Lu marvellous sex to regard control as core, its run Runtime and Windows operating system, the system is stable and reliable, ACOPOSmulti drive system is banner shed bus technology continuously in all, it can realize wide voltage job range, and support the feedback of energy. Systematic advantage 1.

Compositive system ensures of integral cost reduce this system to wait for a respect in power control, CNC and auxiliary gas control implementation is compositive, the controller that avoided tripartite independence is additional cost, also ensured on the technology systematic high speed is synchronous at the same time. 2.

Open system makes a client OK and own module of development core technology besides can develop place to need a function independently, this system still can use NC code of individuation independently, the open platform of B&R makes a client OK the code that development has own core competition ability, own intellectual property is made after enclosing, the function that provides through opening platform encloses the code that can explain with software interface ARNC0 and processes these individuation as other as the system job is close together and shirt-sleeve. 3.

Expand easily and upgrade to open platform character, expand easily on hardware, the join immediateness that is based on the join of POWERlink to need cable only realizes random to expand, and, the open sex of software also makes a client OK and own in develop new function and receiving a system repeatedly. CNC Milling