The innovation of coating technology

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Since announcing to using PVD craft to besmear respect of Fu Al2O3 coating obtains a breakthrough on EMO exhibition from 2005, holand Hauzer company has been in with manufacturer of world main tool the function test respect of this coating had a series of collaboration. The test confirmed the coating positive result that publishs on magazine of Hauzer For You 10 in the past as a result: The chemical property that has outstanding caking property, stability with the Al2O3 coating of Fu of PVD craft besmear, exceedingly good when temperature is as high as 1100 ℃ fight oxidation ability, good fight crescent moon to wear away depression ability and very tall tenacity. Process explains this kind of new coating system used mixture coating technology to realize the deposit of coating. This technology evaporates cathode electric arc to accuse to splash with valve magnetism shoot union to be in same process. Electric arc evaporates the effect that deposit TiAlN coating has felt layer in coating system, and (or) offer what what need to fight for coating system wear away ability; Al2O3 coating provides high temperature stability and chemical stability for the system. In a typical mixture coating system, installed a few electric arc and magnetism to accuse valve to splash shoot cathode. Before having deposit, heat workpiece working temperature, systematic pressure falls to base pressure. After workpiece is cleaned through argon gas plasma or dip corrode handles metallic ion, have coat of deposit of plasma electric arc, pass park argon with PVD law on this coating - the metallic target in gas mixture splashs oxygen shoot deposit Al2O3 coating. In addition, al2O3 coating is OK also need not basic level and apply at circumstance of a few special treatment as alone coating. The technology of T mode deposit that uses Hauzer firm has deposit Al2O3 coat. The characteristic of T mode technology is shooting the union of photograph of aeriform dispatching system of cathode design and optimization at be being splashed distinctly. Surround it is all round matrix, close by what electromagnetism coil arises the tall report ionization that magnetic field offerred plasma -- this is the coating function place that wins a demand is indispensible. The advantage of this new technology depends on craft be being controlled easily, deposit process has very tall stability and repeatability. In addition, its deposition rate (≥ 0.

5 micron / hour) the craft cycle that completely OK and contented industrialized economy produces asks. The applied Al2O3 coating of coating applies extensively at hard alloy razor blade, its advantage (if fight crescent moon exceedingly goodly,wear away depression and fight hot tearing function) already well known. Use CVD technology normally coating of deposit on hard alloy razor blade Al2O3. As a result of CVD craft higher deposit temperature can make the carbide in hard alloy becomes fragile, bring about bit to be machined in metallic cutting (basically be milling treatment) medium application is restricted. Asking to the tenacity of cutting blade taller treatment application is medium, skill of this kind of new work of PVD Al2O3 coating offers new treatment possibility for the user with its inferior deposit temperature. It is especially when milling stainless steel or difficult treatment material, compare with traditional PVD coating photograph, the function of new Al2O3 coating system can raise 2 times. Treatment spot checks the cutting test result with the earliest result to be published on magazine of Hauzer For You 10, performa AlOx-H appears first on EMO 2005 exhibition at that time. With manufacturer of other and main tool then a collaboration finished more tests to work. The test result that introduces to process X5CrNi1810 and 42CrMo4V workpiece data with Al2O3 coating cutting tool below reachs coating photograph. Experiment 1: Workpiece material: X5CrNi1810; Cutting tool: Razor blade of hard alloy coating; Cutting parameter: Vc=251.

32m/min, f=0.

15mm, ap=2.

5 Mm, ae=24mm; Cutting length: 600mm. By the life of Performa Alox-H of PVD coating razor blade and traditional coat razor blade contrast is seen, the life of Performa Alox-H of PVD coating razor blade raised 2 times. Experiment 2: Workpiece material: 42CrMo4V (DIN 1.

7225) ; Cutting tool: Razor blade of hard alloy coating; Cutting parameter: Vc=200m/min, f=0.

25mm, ap=2.

5mm, ae=20mm. By face of the knife after the razor blade when Performa Alox-H of PVD coating razor blade and workpiece of 42CrMo4V of milling of traditional coat razor blade the parallel case of average wear extent is knowable, when milling length is 4000mm, of Performa Alox-H of PVD coating razor blade hind knife face wears away to be reduced significantly than traditional coat razor blade. CNC Milling