Bent housing technology

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Since 1978 Salvagnini company ceaseless be eager to make progress, innovate ceaselessly: The punch of Gao Rou sex - cut off machine tool S4, at present newest model name S4X, its produced efficiency to rise 25% . Salvagnini company shows bent housing skill adequately. And other abound the Italian of imagination in that way. The technical forum that Salvagnini company holds in Sarego and the Lamiera major that hold in Bologna introduced to be used at bent housing on exhibition, cut off, the newest innovation achievement of punch and laser technology respect, these will change people to machine the development of the respect to plank. Market manager Mr Tommaso Bonuzzi of Salvagnini company says: "The new character of S4X series can attract large big batch manufacturer. " Italian Bologna held professional fair of the 14th Lamiera, the company of manufacturer Sarego Salvagnini that comes from Italy (Www.


Com) take the opportunity the market of the automation domain respect that introduced its to fold curved center to wait in bent housing, punch, laser and robot leads a position. Market manager Mr Tommaso Bonuzzi of this company says: "No less than is in Bologna is spectacular in that way, our company accumulated experience of 30 years in this domain, can innovate ceaselessly and offer for the user package distinctive solution, make its can use a machining center that fold a turn to be able to undertake machining to different spare parts. " the punch that this system included automation to change curved machine tool, compositive style - sever a system, use at Ban gold the board memory that complete set equipment, laser cuts off the system, center folding a turn that is based on a robot, automation and the compositive type system that are used at stock respect. Salvagnini company has grown at present make a group, own 4 production plant (Italy: Sarego and Avellino, austria: Ennsdorf, the United States: Hamilton) , 13 sales that sell company etc and after service company. 50 many countries had installed the whole world many 3000 this kind of system. Mr Tommaso Bonuzzi says: "We think the domain of the processing technique that fold a turn in plate material is accountability serve as our product brand-new technical reach socioeconomic thinking means to undertake build and be popularizinged. " the product that has delegate sense: Salvagnini company is located in near Vicenza of Sarego reveal office. Before left bend central Roboformer G2 to need a robot that controls a system to fold only, its are the biggest ability is 240 kilograms. The company of Salvagnini of plan of innovation of treatment of 4 bells plank that has rolled out at the beginning of this year was aimed at German user technically to hold a name to be in first time of its Sarego headquarters " technical forum " exhibition, discussed to should center energy promotion why to be planted product. Exhibit in this there are 4 kinds of new products to appear centrally on the meeting: The punch of Gao Rou sex - cut off the P4-1916 of the machine tool S4X, center that fold a turn, biggest process capability to be as high as 240 kilograms and the robot that wants system of a control only folds curved center Roboformer G2, laser to cut off equipment L1.

It and L2 Light. Of S4X appeared to be convinced first many 100 professional user that attend the meeting, initiated new range of products since S4 series came out 1978. Besides the technical data that its make a person look at with new eyes, system of this machine tool still added to have multistage punch head and compositive type to cut off the manipulator of the mould, its job journey increased 1000 millimeter, still deployed light quantified caliper and a double electromotor that have property of more expensive campaign. Manipulator is entered on slideway to, join with lower C bracket, raised fixed position precision significantly. The hydraulic pressure orgnaization that this machine tool still deployed an efficient, Gao Ke to rely on a gender regards dragon door as type assemble and unassemble type robot. "These character make its produce efficiency to be able to rise 5% to 25% " , mr Tommaso Bonuzzi assures to this print in Sarego. "The sources of energy is used up reduced 10% , and we had been reduced between 2 years of in the past 20% . " the promotion that uses power, salvagnini company got such as not only the order of the partner of manufacturer of electric control ark, still can attract such as to solder product or large quantities of quantities of manufacturer of auto industry component produce a business. CNC Milling