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Communicate main shaft electric machinery

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Normal Align=left> one, numerical control machine tool asks to main shaft pilot Normal Align=left>normal Align=left> 1.

Timing range is wide: Normal Align=left> chooses reasonable cutting dosage, acquire precision of first-rate productivity, treatment and exterior quality thereby. Cent of main shaft gearshift is step speed changing, infinitely variable speeds and section infinitely variable speeds 3 kinds of forms, among them step speed changing is used at machine tool of economy numerical control only, machine tool of most numerical control all uses infinitely variable speeds or section infinitely variable speeds. Normal Align=left>normal Align=left> 2.

Constant power range is wide: Normal Align=left> low speed, above of rated rotate speed is constant power output. Normal Align=left>normal Align=left> 3.

Impose decelerate control automatically: Normal Align=left> is added, slowdown time wants short. Normal Align=left>normal Align=left> 4.

Stop control definitely: Normal Align=left> changes a knife automatically to satisfy machining center (the need of ATC) and certain treatment craft. Normal Align=left>normal Align=left> 5.

On turning center, still ask main shaft is had rotate feed axis (C axis) control function. Normal Align=left>normal Align=left> 2, system of main shaft drive classifies Normal Align=left>normal Align=left> 1. Shed system of main shaft drive continuously: Normal Align=left> dc can use timing of PWM of wide modulation of silicon controlled rectifier and arteries and veins two kinds of forms. Normal Align=left>normal Align=left> 2.

Communicate system of main shaft drive: Normal Align=left> squirrel-cage configures vector commutation to control system of drive of frequency control main shaft. Normal Align=left>normal Align=left> 3, the structure that communicates main shaft electric machinery and working character Normal Align=left>normal Align=left> 1. Structural Normal Align=left> communication uses communication induction motor commonly, from the structure cent has belt commutator and do not take commutator two kinds, use the three-phase induction motor that does not take commutator normally (basket model electromotor or asynchronous electromotor) . Normal Align=left> communication uses stator core to be in air commonly the method of direct cooling, without housing, and go up to have axial in stator core Kong Yili is ventilated etc. How does caudal coaxial contain measure fast the detecting element such as dynamo or pulse coder. Normal Align=left>normal Align=left>nextpage 2. Working character Normal Align=left> main shaft: The characteristic curve that communicates main shaft electric machinery and electric machinery of dc main shaft are similar: Be in base fast area of the following torsion that it is constant 1, and in base fast above is constant power area 2. Normal Align=left>normal Align=left> Normal Align=left>normal Align=left> 4, Normal Align=left>normal Align=left> 1.

Section stepless speed regulation summarizes Normal Align=left>normal Align=left> 2.

M code carries out shift gear automatically control process Normal Align=left>normal Align=left> 3.

The implementation method that shifts gear automatically: Normal Align=left> 1) dials forked gearshift to shift gear Normal Align=left> hydraulic pressure dials fork is the gearshift orgnaization that one kind uses or crock of a few hydraulic pressure drives gear to move. Jar of the simplest 2 hydraulic pressure implements speed change of double couplet gear. To triplex or triplex the gear gearshift of above needs to use jar of differential hydraulic pressure, graph 4-10 moves forked principle figure for 3 hydraulic pressure, its have hydraulic pressure crock 1 with 5, piston 2, dial fork 3 with sleeve 4, change the different kind that connect oil to be able to win 3 seats through electromagnetism a powerful person. Normal Align=left> 2) shifts gear Normal Align=left> electromagnetism is to apply electromagnetism effect to put through cut off the cell that run. It facilitates implementation automation is operated. But its defect is bulk big, magnetic flux makes mechanical spare parts is magnetized easily. In numerical control machine tool advocate in transmission, use electromagnetism clutch can simplify gearshift orgnaization, on each transmission shaft through installation the suction of clutch closes with depart, form different motion to set transmission line, implement main shaft speed change. Normal Align=left> is used in middling of numerical control machine tool chafe without slip ring a type electromagnetism clutch and tooth embed type electromagnetism clutch. Because chafe,clutch uses a type electromagnetism attrition piece deliver torsion, allow ceaseless plane speed change so. But if speed is exorbitant, because slip,can differ motion to produce much friction to heat up. Because proper tooth form is processed on attrition face,the tooth embeds type electromagnetism clutch, rose to deliver torsion, reduce the radial axial size of clutch, make main shaft structure more compact, attrition heat is reduced. But the tooth embeds type electromagnetism clutch to must be when main shaft rotate speed is very low gearshift. CNC Milling