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Since 20 centuries later period, the globalization of the market and competition already made fundamental development trend. On one hand, the requirement enterprise such as the custom-built product that be not mark can answer the market competition of globalization and client quickly market opportunity, provide the product of high quality, low cost or service effectively, and single company satisfies this kind of requirement very hard, this is aimed at market opportunity between need enterprise rapid composition is allied, produce advantage of respective core capacity, realize market opportunity jointly; On the other hand, advanced IT and communication technology, make below distributinging mode collaboration becomes a possibility between the enterprise. Produce arise at the historic moment in coordination below the action of these two main fields, in creating platform of success application in coordination at present, CATIA is relatively banner, accordingly this we choose this article to serve as what make a topic in coordination to leave piece. In coordination design and make in coordination entered executive phase from academic concept already. Those who review the past 2007, use at cooperating with design and production software function also are further upward, be based on network and database framework design in coordination with production solution, in interior of a few small production firms also already oneself are built rise, add domestic and international CAD/CAM industry software to aid blast, we see the design mill that has digitlization movement everywhere it seems that, and the article will introduce what have distinguishing feature most, by the 3D(of CATIA drive three-dimensional) design in coordination with production mode. One,   of dazzling   of 3D PLM   is in design and make complete " in coordination " in the system that rise, design and the engineers of production branch are the framework that does not care network and database normally, a need is absorption make good design and plot, perhaps modify the design the parameter after adjusting to communicate production spot quickly as a result. For example, the engineer scale good figure of use AutoCAD, can release in Internet in design of this software lieutenant general, the maker of world each district can be in through the network get production parameter for a short while. Today, be based on PLM(Product LifecycleManagement) design in coordination with production mode sadly arisen, it will mix person, process for manufacturing industry information is significant the ground is compositive together, and action at spreading all over the relevant section of world each district, let all sorts of relevant personnel all over all previous product to arrive from design concept make, till discard as useless complete lifecycle, overall support and product cooperate with relevantly research and development, make, management, distribute and use information. Say exactly, PLM is the commercial strategy of informatization of a kind of enterprise and concept, it forms by a variety of informatization elements: Fundamental technology and standard (XML, cooperation and company application are compositive wait) , information makes a tool (MCAD, ECAD and technology are released wait) , core function (data storehouse, documentation and content management, job shedding and program management) , the application of functional sex (configure, and the commercial solution that compose proposes on other system, group of famous dragon of mark snow iron is one of person that the success of PLM is carried out. Those who indicate Xue Tielong is carried out is 3D PLM, its purpose is to want to develop each flow to rise jointly, complete to the product lifecycle undertakes administrative, shorten greatly the development of new product and production process, improve the quality of new product, reduce the development of new product and manufacturing cost. From 20 centuries 90 time metaphase begins, the technical management department of group of dragon of mark snow iron has realised must rebuild the design of the group and pull current Cheng, replace old computer application technique. The 3DPLM solution that amounts to company of all alone system in IBM- at the beginning of 1998 implemented INGENUM project project on the foundation of CATIA, ENOVIAvpm, build fictitious car platform, expand to all coming from on this information platform the information such as the product of the enterprise, technological process and resource all does fictitious managing to mix next compositive. To achieve this one goal, this group established 3 main executive level: Build a fictitious environment that undertakes in whole group the product is developed in coordination; Develop this the environment to enlarge patulous enterprise in coordination, the compositive implementation through waiting for data to product, technological process and resource digitlizes a factory. Carry out the environment that develops in coordination to facilitate, used core 3D to build modular tool to design whole car. Original, what this group uses is CADDS will design automobile body, the CATIA that amounts to company of all alone system with IBM- designs dynamical system. But they discover CATIA builds modular tool as a complete 3D very quickly more efficient. Then, they transplant all jobs to CATIA from CADDS, became the iron lever user of CATIA finally. 2, 3D number prototype shines brilliantly the success of Xue Tielong of     mark, the influence of alive group manufacturing industry is revolutionary, the have the aid of of orgnaization of research and development that our home has had many large airlines, automobile factory and them today at constructing by the software of CATIA and so on oneself digital prototype, let design and the component that production personnel manages him with the design through fictitious product, undertake harmony to assembling all medium spare partses and the component that oneself design, let all component definitions also hold newest position. Such, design personnel can be in whole the part that assembles him design below the environment, shorten thereby product development cycle. In addition, what because had,count plane of model of written characters is visible with emulation job, the geometrical measure that returns the inchoate phase that makes omnibus technology engineer can be developed in the product to give component with respect to the examination is consistent, pass 3D to be able to inspect a technology to still can examine the interference case between the spare parts. This can reduce an error, reduce the demand of pair of physics prototype, reduce research and the cycle that develop new product and cost. Because all sorts of different spare partses and assembly parts make the car of different type, there must be the configuration of the spare parts in fictitious product database consequently, mechanical component and automobile body spare parts use all sorts of attribute to need to have detailed description, this takes these property automatically with respect to requirement CATIA, press regulation of one a complete set of to undertake checking according to a variety of possible options, generate effective configuration. Need to visit this database as a result of the user of a lot of different types again, considering the diversity of car of group of dragon of mark snow iron, IBM- amounts to company of all alone system to promote considerably to designing environmental function to do in coordination, make an user OK define the view of a variety of visits, in order to satisfy the need that different user visits different data. And, be based on ENOVIAvpm1.

The function of 5, still can build remote UniCom, realize prototype of many designs and number of visit of production spot user. Had such base, group of dragon of mark snow iron built " fictitious platform " , make relevant design can be in with production personnel concentration while energy finishs him job, still can share design result with other user, branch and do not accept geographical restriction. 3, by " fictitious platform " connection business and after this of   of outside firm   , decision of group of dragon of mark snow iron and its supplier share this " fictitious platform " , in an attempt to is obtained inside whole industry shorten the effect that designs cycle. This is the 2nd milepost of INGENUM project. Today, the stylist of group of dragon of mark snow iron people the manufacturer with them, enter the mouth through be based on the Internet portal of ENOVIAvpm and ENOVIA Portal solution, can go up to work in coordination in real time in prototype of same table number. Authorized manufacturer and supplier actor or actress through adding land of secret technology on the safe side the information system that enters group of dragon of mark snow iron first, entry groove guard visits digital prototype. The part that each member that design designs to oneself retains control, have absolutely modification limits of authority, and can provide the result all project participator to share the file that includes library of figure of level of E-Mail, documentation, design, imitate to emulate all sorts of production job shops, conferences and relevant design instantly information of data, business management and 3D are emulated wait for data. At present the newest version of CAITA is V5R17, compare with foregoing version photographs, "Fictitious platform " the function is more powerful, increased to be exhibited in 3D wiring harness gentle process designing of NC of CAITA treatment module and the function in emulating, expanded the trade technological process that carries end covers range; Use new core model to enhance a function, quickly exploration devises think of a way; Those who use a breakthrough is automatic function pouring wine cup, marked improvement designs productivity; Through be in VPM navigation implement the key in coordinating a mechanism with ENOVIA SmarTeam enhances a function, improve over or across the collateral job ability of patulous enterprise; Utmost ground enlarges those who use 3D XML to cooperate with ability, so that be besides design office,share information. 4, the means development that uses the office that do not have paper and   of manufacturing product   had above what say " digital prototype " with " fictitious platform " support, manufacturing industry can use the means that handles official bussiness without paper to be being developed and produce a product. Famous Kelaisile the company begins to undertake be changinged without paper designing to car bodywork before New Year from how, be in include car engine inside the digitlization design that the product realized not to have blueprint entirely and make. Now, carry out the product application target that makes without blueprint to divide normally outside component, the after service that also includes to produce manufacturing process, client. The design of 777 planes makes Boeing the process is the applied example that the model provides most inside the industry, also be the study model that disparate industry application makes a technology undertake product innovation is designed without blueprint. And, boeing company used complete digitlization to design for his product production now, include overall design, component checks and overall assemble, all development and the framework that check collateral work, develop respective work at the same time in different spot, different branch, use " fictitious platform " the imitate trial flight that real skill makes all sorts of conditions fall, let departmental door engineers real time is collected and handle data to solve design problem in time on workstation. Make finally come out present Boeing plane, its product and design program photograph are less than only than the error 0.

001 inches, assured airframe and wing to go up to the sky to accepting success and plane trial flight is successful, whole design makes cycle shorten from 8 years. In afore-mentioned designs research and development and in production process, concept of perforative from beginning to end poor 3D PLM and 3D geometry enter several data. Beautiful Xue Tielong and Boeing company will build 3D model system to serve as the starting point that makes the work together without blueprint design and made fundamental chime. With the simple casing bowstring on a plane kind the spare parts is exemple, the reader can see the work efficiency that bring from this clearly. The spare parts appearance of plane or car is very much dispute is regular, design view to have a description very hard to its with groovy 2 dimension project, this also is the account that aviation and automobile industry use 3D the earliest to design. No matter be 2D or 3D design blue print, in the final analysis will be used at conveying to design parameter, blue print is to fall on blueprint to design a result, engineering design asks with many orthogonalities umbriferous view builds blue print normally (the 3 view that as usual uses) will coach maker produces a product. Bowstring of casing of Dan Fei engine kind of standard of component appearance dispute, irregular, it is difficult to casting umbriferous view method to describe it with groovy 2D heavily. And the method such as the length that carries the geometrical element that tags regulation only, angle will output blue print. Good now, when use CATIA designs this kind of component, build its by the coordinate of line of model of the appearance curved surface of the plane, appearance or appearance reference point 3D model system, not only the job that can let design staff becomes easy, return the intent of the clear architect that can let make personnel be clear at a glance. For example, the coordinate of reference point of two groups of exterior that designs personnel to build good component is worth, part to draft the common difference that reference point of these two groups of exterior allows according to the design to synthesize two batten curve next, design them what what need to guide as curved surface use a line, the appearance curved surface that gets needing then (can describe) by straight grain face, perhaps use sweep sweep past means to generate curved surface, final second birth becomes figure of corresponding component 3D substance, tag on design parameter and workmanship requirement, the job of design phase can be finished. 5, outputting NC code treatment to get product   CNC Machining for numerical control machine tool is to come true to produce important segment without blueprint. Maker can judge production to machine means and work out technological process from the 3D data that had gotten it. If groovy mill treatment means is normally first by underline blueprint of 2D of labour according to to machine referenced line in the lay off on component semifinished product, roughly description gives the appearance of the spare parts, consult according to this by milling machine handlers the line undertakes machining next. Had 3d model system and its 3D data, the machining equipment of CNC Milling and so on will need the order that underlines artificially no longer, the element is disturbed artificially in discharging treatment process completely. And, means of use CNC Machining can ensure completely the 2D of component and 3D data precision, meticulous satisfaction designs a requirement. Numerical control programmer needs to choose logical treatment way and parameter only. If can get the assurance of cutting tool and craft means, can produce an eligible product. CNC Machining technology applies the earliest in aviation and automobile manufacturing industry namely, also be to be in at present these two industry application are the widest, and the NC code that changes the machine program that CATIA creates into machine tool of corresponding numerical control, pass into the control system of numerical control machine tool, any enterprises can change 3D PLM into the product, formed powerful productivity. 6, realize what the product examines to be changed without blueprint completed each work above, return what can realize a product to examine to be changed without blueprint. Its content can include numerical control to measure, three-dimensional public errand and geometrical measure value. In the past, examine the view of basis 2D project that personnel has the product examines, use the means of 3D design and CNC Machining now, type of check proved recipe can make corresponding shift: Use numerical control to measure, three-dimensional public errand and dimension are tagged. Numerical control is measured basically be aimed at CNC Machining spare parts, detect 3 coordinate numerical control can be used to measure when appearance of three dimensional space machine, and consult the 3D of component designs data. Its work flow can use CATIA to handle the CATCMM product that platform and MSC offer first, the coordinate cost of measurement point is collected on the 3D model system of the spare parts. Next, the coordinate of several foothold the input is measured machine weave measure an order, the operation is measured machine complete pair of parts measure, compare the error cost that measured value of measurement point coordinate and 3D design are worth theoretically, error value is eligible product namely inside tolerancepublic errand limits. To be not CNC Machining product, the pattern of check proved recipe that considers to be able to use convention from cost respect. Be in Boeing aircraft company, examine the three-dimensional common difference that personnel uses CATIA namely and dimension tag those who will work. They are after the 3D data that gets a product, use CATIA tags the measure that gives convention and public errand on 3D model system directly, browse the relevant measure of the product and public errand through CATIA browser. The place on put together is narrated, introducing 3D PLM design and manufacturing product is not a kind of simple idea already, however the inevitable tendency that the company grows, the AutoCAD that joins consider oneself unexcelled in the world also begins from 2007 version substantially enhanced 3D function, its 2D plot environment in the past the definition is become " classic work space " , will " three-dimensional work space " put in the first. Because do not have what blueprint design and manufacturing product bring to the enterprise,will be the change that revolution needs, as the need that the market competes, be sure to much business uses 3D PLM in 2008, CATIA the user of this kind of software group also will expand further. CNC Milling