Fast leopard milling cutter came out a few days ago

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  • source:WEINBERG CNC Machining
Hill tall cutting tool (Shanghai) limited company rolled out milling cutter of QuattroMill fast leopard a few days ago. This milling cutter can make a machine tool effective power is the greatest change. Milling cutter of QuattroMill fast leopard is a kind of general planar milling cutter not only, it or metallic treatment domain are aimed at the optimal cutting tool of milling of whole set plane. It is had super- big horny chamfer, effective before horn is as high as 6mm of deepness of 35 ○ cutting. The diameter of bit body of fast leopard milling cutter arrives from 20mm 200mm, there is extremely good film on cutter hub, can process steel, material of stainless steel, cast-iron, alloy. CNC Milling