The cutting fluid technology of 21 centuries

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The development trend of technology of 1 cutting fluid is well-known, cutting fluid has lubricant, refrigeration, clean reach antirust wait for action, machine quality and efficiency to raising cutting, reduce cutting tool to wear away wait to all have distinct effect. Come nearly more than 10 years, the development of cutting fluid technology of our country is very rapid, cutting fluid new breed appears ceaselessly, function also is improved ceaselessly and perfect, especially the water that 70 time end produces 20 centuries base synthetic cutting fluid and the fluid of half synthesis cutting that in last few years development rises (fluid of small emulsification cutting) the promotion of aborning and application, for machining to energy-saving, reduce an environment pollution, reduce industry to produce cost direction to develop open up new way. Baconian rise, does cutting fluid technology basically have: of the following characteristic?  of  of  of old board of  of carbuncle of source of tip of  of  of ぃ of commonplace of collect of drought of Tao of Xing of kiss of the Kingdom of Wei of bud of take along sth to sb of hesitating of dispatch of な of commonplace of Ku of Xing of horn of moisture in the soil of drunk of border of  of plutonium ∪ gourd ladle shows  outskirt to need car of clean fat of ひ Zi Piao seeks awl to make fun of Ku of  tall Xing border, use liquid nitrogen to make workpiece, cutting tool or cutting area are in the method that microtherm refrigeration condition has cutting is machined namely. Nitrogen is the part with the maximum content in atmosphere, liquid nitrogen serves as the by-product of the industry that make oxygen, origin is very capacious. Use liquid nitrogen regards cutting as fluid, in gas volatilizing to return atmosphere directly after application, without any contaminant, look from environmental protection respect, it is a kind of cutting assist substitute that has an outlook. Liquid nitrogen refrigeration has mix directly indirect method of two kinds of application. Immediate application. Be about to liquid nitrogen regards cutting fluid as direct eject to cutting area. Generally speaking, wear away as a result of cutting tool serious, diamond cutting tool cannot use treatment black metal. And one scholar of American uses system of liquid nitrogen refrigeration to use diamond cutting tool to undertake turning is machined to stainless steel, because microtherm restrained carbolic atomic,diffuse and graphitization, reduced cutting tool to wear away greatly, acquired wonderful treatment quality, its surface surface roughness achieves Ra25µm. Because grinding area high temperature often causes fire damage to workpiece surface,meet, wait like burn, micro-crack, to solve these problems effectively, s of Indian engineering college.

Paul uses grinding of refrigeration of liquid nitrogen ultralow temperature 5 kinds of commonly used rolled steel, the result makes clear: Use liquid nitrogen refrigeration correctly reasonably, can control grinding area temperature effectively, make grinding temperature maintains change in material happening under temperature and do not produce grinding burn; and in material plasticity increases and bigger feed circumstance falls, this kind of effect is more distinct. Cooling to the liquid nitrogen of metalloid material and composite material cutting is machined, abroad also began extensive research. If FRP(Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics) is a kind of high strenth / weight comparing, be able to bear or endure fatigue composite material, machine special difficulty with traditional cutting method, restricted the use of this kind of material consequently. New Zealand scholar undertakes to its ultralow temperature refrigeration is machined, use liquid nitrogen is uninterrupted cooling (0.


5L/min) , improved the cutting processability of this kind of material greatly, not only the treatment surface quality that acquired satisfaction, still prolonged cutting tool life greatly. Use microtherm heat in metal cutting solid sex all also shows good cutting performance when the material such as plastic, synthetic resin, black lead, balata and fibre glass. Use secondhand. Basically be law of cutting tool refrigeration, cool ceaselessly in treatment namely cutting tool, make heat in metal cutting fast go up from cutting tool, especially place of point of a knife is taken away, point of a knife maintains from beginning to end work below microtherm condition. The scholar of American Lincoln university used a kind of PCBN cutting tool that provides new-style and cooling system to undertake experimenting study. This kind of cutting tool is store inside the honest case of lathe tool upside liquid nitrogen, lose a person by the entrance, pour out of from exit. The experiment makes clear, when use liquid nitrogen is cooling, lathe tool life lengthens To times, wear away reduce 1/4, can obtain inferior exterior surface roughness. Still one is plant special use a method to cool for jet secondhand. A few scholars of Japanese develop a gush to enrage cooling system. The cooling gas that this system uses has been cooled in heat exchanger by liquid nitrogen, its temperature under, 50 ℃ cooling gas is direct eject is nodded at grinding. Experimental discovery, when the remains of material of the workpiece after grinding presses stress to compare grinding of use grinding fluid, want big, remains pressed the distributinging area of stress to also broaden. And remains presses what stress can raise a part to fight fatigue life, this pair of a few spare partses, it is very important to wait like aircraft spare parts. Use solid lubricant treated CBN emery wheel, or thimbleful is added in treatment (101 to plant exceeding essence of life is oily, better lubricant effect can have in treatment. This shows, in code of concerned environmental protection fluid of stricter and stricter, cutting is used and the circumstance with processing increasingly elevatory fee falls, liquid nitrogen becomes the substitute of cutting fluid inside certain limits likely. Centering cooling and lubricant system to centralize cooling and lubricant system is the cooling and lubricant device that becomes independent many machining equipment severally amalgamative for refrigeration lubricates system. The main good point of this kind of system is: (The service life;(2) that 1) lengthens cutting fluid implements the automation of index of pair of cutting fluid function easily, ensure quantity of waste liquid of;(3) of cutting fluid quality is less and facilitating concentration is handled, be helpful for protecting zoology environment, (4) facilitates safeguard, maintain and manage;(5) to facilitate cut bits is carried and undertake centralized handling waiting a moment. Quality of implementation cutting fluid manages automation to make sure cutting fluid stabilizes the ground for a long time to satisfy all sorts of quality requirements and sufficient play economic benefits, the key depends on strict and scientific day-to-day management. As machining automation degree rise ceaselessly and unmanned chemical plant (workshop) appear, what realize pair of cutting fluid in cooling and lubricant system is automatic detect and automata is imperative already. Value of this kind of job temperature that detect and controls cutting fluid, use chroma, PH, microbial amount is amiable flavour, can have forecast to the invalidation of cutting fluid. Fluid of cutting of high-powered, macrobian life, low pollution and its waste liquid handle a technology to be versed in as machinery the development of technology of whole of course of study, rate of machine tool cutting is rapidder, cutting negative charge is bigger, cutting temperature is higher, at the same time ceaselessly new technology appears the treatment that will get used to new material, this needs new-style high-powered cutting fluid to satisfy treatment requirement; to be mixed according to labor sanitation at the same time the requirement of environmental protection, the material that harms human body health and zoology environment should be not contained as far as possible in cutting fluid. The advanced equipment such as the numerical control machine tool that in recent years our country imports, machining center is increasing, if the cutting liquid that its use is imported from abroad, carriage inconvenience, cost is very high, accordingly, developing high-powered cutting fluid already was urgent affairs in order to replace entrance product. Be in our country, fluid of water radical cutting scope of application is wider and wider, and the synthetic cutting fluid that already began can good from emulsion tropism, life to grow, small emulsion transfers. In the developed country, small emulsion is used generally already, developing fluid of environmental protection cutting energetically. Development grows life cutting fluid, research lengthens cutting fluid the method of service life, reduce; of discharge capacity of cutting fluid waste liquid to consider to be mixed more effectively thereby more waste liquid processing technique of economy, reduce harmful contaminant to be accumulated mediumly in the environment, it is a when fluid of domestic and international cutting studies serious content. What the actor bad of function of fluid of cutting of additive of 2 cutting fluid, waste liquid handles is difficult the easy, harm to handlers and the contaminative degree to the environment all depend on the sort of these additive and function. Regard cutting fluid of future as additive, must performance is good, harmless to human body and environment. Many applied practice makes clear, should in use father does the additive that imposes restriction have the following kinds of: ? Coat of short for Weihe River of game Zi of a key to do sth hey frequency act  holds Zi of Sha ⒘ appearance to defend Ao  to hold Sha ⒙ like that  holds coat of ┘ of Sha ⒓ at present hey frequency act  holds persimmon of brown of Tao of Xing of Ka of Sha L Gou health flinch core of eggplant of be jealous of of travel  hold tight relies on  ⑿ Luan. The oily film intensity of vinegar of ① boric acid is high, coefficient of friction is low, have good anti-friction anti-wear properties can; ② has ③ of good antirust function; fight bacterium and antiseptic function, and without harm action plain. Salt of molybdic acid of corrosion inhibiter of department of molybdic acid salt is electropositive corrosion inhibiter, in adding cutting juice, Fe-MoO4-Fe2O3 passivation film can be made in metallic surface, can achieve favorable delay corrode result. Think normally, it is avirulent that key acerbity salt serves as antirust, also do not pollute an environment, but its price is high, affected use extensive sex. For promotion application, the synergism when people studied conpatibility of medicines of organic, inorganic corrosion inhibiter uses key acerbity salt and other. Itself of fluid of cutting of new-style and anticorrosive antiseptic is had microbial the condition that creates multiply with fungus, allow easy putrefaction. The action of anticorrosive antiseptic depends on those who restrain bacterium and mould causing, exterminate the bacterium that already existed in the liquid, jie in order to prolong the service life of cutting fluid. In recent years, as a result of compasses of law of environmental protection promulgate and apply, a lot of countries use poisonous anticorrosive antiseptic in limitation, research develops new-style and anticorrosive antiseptic. Introduce according to Japanese patent, choose the shuttle acid such as acid of oleic acid, tristearin to make extraction cupreous salt, have 1 year of above fight corrupt ability. Introduce according to American data, citric acid copper also has the better effect that fight bacterium, add a quantity to be 300PPM. Development of American Mobil chemical company goes a kind of emulsification oil that is called MobilmentAquaRho, added the complex that contains phosphor, nitrogen and boron, the service life of emulsion amounts to 4 months above. 3 epilogue in recent years, the stress that domestic and international scholar studies is put on the cutting treatment craft that does not have cutting fluid, but to most material and treatment sort character, replace in the round wet cutting and wet although grinding is likely, very distant also. Will be henceforth inside very long period of time we cannot fluid of evasive use cutting this one reality. The clean that solves mechanical production process purifies a problem should work along both lines, do not have cutting fluid technology in research namely while, take cutting fluid oneself seriously transform and innovate, desiccate type is machined and wet treatment is both the advantage is complementary. Accordingly, we put forward " the environment from cutting fluid itself is harmless change make, at the same time development machines new technology without cutting fluid " research guiding principle. The stress that studies the work should put in the following respects: Develop; of fluid of cutting of green of complete to person and environment hurtless to optimize feed flow method and feed flow parameter, reduce; of cutting fluid wastage to study scientific cutting fluid uses administrative technology, lengthen its service life to reduce waste liquid to discharge; to study cutting fluid abandons awl as far as possible reclaim use and harmless the integrated assessment technique of the cutting juice that turns processing technology; to consider to consider an environment to affect, for the enterprise fluid of right choice cutting offers a technology to support; to study all sorts of treatment methods that do not have cutting fluid, do type cutting craft especially. Study the optimal craft parameter of cutting cutting tool, workpiece and machine tool, enlarge the applied limits of craft of dry type cutting. Research develops new-style and efficient avirulent additive. CNC Milling