2M9120A all-purpose tool grinds what the head of a bed wears to improve

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Summary: Analysed Twin32CNC Turning center the reason of lubricant system breakdown, offerred a means of settlement. Twin32CNC Turning center is a when my factory imported from German DMG company 2002 high-powered gold cuts facility, the center of 8 axes turning that is tower of double main shaft, double knife, numerical control system uses operating system of Xi Menzi 840D, the machine tool is lubricant the concentration that uses automation is lubricant system. This occasion is frequent inside period of time appear lubricant system breakdown calls the police, main show passes for time interval of lubricant pump job short, pump oil is frequent, cause lube wastage very big. Because this turning center is mechanical the structure is more compact and complex, so the breakdown of lubricant system causes mechanical share extremely easily wear away, cause bigger loss thereby. As we have learned, at ordinary times lube needs 2 ~ 3 months just are added, but now about 10min needs to add lubricating oil afresh, lube waste is more serious, raised manufacturing cost, and cheer often, increased the blame cutting time of the machine tool, make work efficiency is reduced. Through observation, discovery should lubricate station every interval makes an appointment with 6s with respect to pump oil, every time pump oily time is 5s. After the platoon installs the possibility that is revised besides the system, according to call the police the clew of information, checked the place such as lubricant pump and reversal valve in succession, all did not discover a problem. Analyse lubricant circuit to pursue then (graph 1) . Graph if plan institute is shown,circuit of 1 lubricant system pursues, the 2# output on output module OUT440 carries those who control coil of contactor of lubricant electric machinery to be connected. The 6# on input module IN384 and 2# input end feedback to lubricate to the system respectively pressure signal and signal of lubricant box oil level. Go up through observing module of input, output the LED indicator light of each end points, it is normal that the 2# dot on the 2# particle that discovers OUT440 to go up and IN384 all is, and the 6# dot LED on IN384 is not bright, the indicator light that reflects lubricant pressure namely is not bright. Analyse lube road to pursue next (graph 2) . Graph graph of 2 lubricant oil path adjusts lubricant pump outlet pressure, as a result the 6# on input module IN384 nods LED to still do not shine, so far, judgement pressure switch may damage. For test and verify this figures, adopted following measure respectively: The first pace is right pressure switch undertook short receive, the 6# on result IN384 nodded LED to shine, oil pump also no longer frequent pump is oily; The 2nd pace is block an exit of will lubricant oil path up to stem with, motion of switch of same indication pressure is normal as a result. Final analysis has leak on whether lubricant pipeline, bring about pressure switch cannot normal motion, as a result thinks at the system pressure is insufficient, just make oil pump is started often. Here is carried incidentally, just suspect to there is a problem on pipeline finally, because this machine tool is in limited space,be, collected many movement rod, each guide screw nut what slideway reachs tailstock is deputy, lubricant all lubricate by this the station is offerred, search duty factor so more complex. At the same time we think again, even if wants to search, also have range, distributing because of lube wide, every cent is oily implement arrive to lubricate finally the normal action that chooses the leak between to still can't affect pressure switch. Because this basically puts attention in lubricant station,exit comes to distribute oil individually implement before. Ravel after shield, very fast discovery is in the machine tool is left a cent is oily implement the connect before becomes loose, motion of switch of the pressure after screwing is normal, capacity of bad news oil decreases apparently, breakdown phenomenon disappears. CNC Milling