PRIMAR is muti_function integrated measuring instrument

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PRIMAR is muti_function integrated measuring instrument is German horse Er (the collect form that Mahr) company develops error measuring instrument, gear is measured the center is measured with 3 coordinate machine the high accuracy that is an organic whole measures an instrument. PRIMAR used new-style and patent design, mix drive system measure systematic depart, and surveying chain each are important place deserves to have temperature, pressure and oscillatory sensor, because this instrument is had very strong fight an environment to affect ability.  this instrument uses rotor of high accuracy mechanical is (circularity measures an axis) the mechanical that moves with 3 direction is linear slideway (radial, tangential with perpendicular direction measure an axis) , use high accuracy round grating and 3 straightedge grating to regard reading as the system. By check need to install only, through the computer control PRIMAR can be measured so that get the error of check parameter entirely quickly, get detecting thoroughly reporting. The uncertainty of measurement of  this instrument is: U1=(1.

2+L/500) μ M; U2=(1.

5+L/300) μ M; U3=(2.

0+L/300) μ M(L is measure length, unit: Mm) . The inaccuracy of sampling spends surely for: V1=1.

0mm.  PRIMAR can be made in production spot measure accurately, do not need any special environments, special foundation and air air source. Main shaft rotate speed is adjustable, the floating rate that measures an axis point-blank can amount to 200mm/s, measure speed to be able to amount to 50mm/s. In measuring a process, motor drive high accuracy measures head component to be changed automatically the direction that measure a head and the direction that measure power, make the direction that measure power and the normal direction that are gone up to accept check position by check outline consistent, make measure an outcome thereby accurate and reliable.  PRIMAR shaped when the error is measured, can detect the circularity of workpiece, cylinder is spent, linearity, round taper, parallelism, flatness, verticality, symmetry, coaxial is spent, homocentric degree, radial and jumpy, total radial jumpy, axial outline of jumpy, line spends jumpy, total axial knead dough outline is spent wait for parameter. When  PRIMAR makes gear measure, can detect involute is columnar (outside / inside) the each error parameter of the workpiece such as gear of bevel gear of tine of the gear, hob, knife that insert tine, shave tine knife, straight bevel gear, arc, worm, worm wheel, spline, end panel. With the three-dimensional develop Chinese hackberrya of tooth flank the graph analyses figure of face of teeth of a cogwheel in the round, the tooth profile after analysing heat treatment is out of shape state, analyse the error effect to transmission noise. When  PRIMAR makes three-dimensional coordinate measure, produce dot, linear, planar, awl, ball with three-dimensional mode, realize the measurement of complex geometrical dimension. Can nod means or scanning means to undertake metrical according to needing to choose to collect.  PRIMAR is muti_function integrated measuring instrument is used extensively already at detecting the component such as casing, rotor, plain bearing liner, valve, camshaft, crankshaft, piston, connecting rod, cylinder bushing, turbine wheel shaft, lamina, gear and gear cutting tool. CNC Milling