Whorl of echelon of turning of numerical control lathe

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The methodological cardinal principle of turning echelon whorl and turning triangle whorl is similar, just because the tooth is tall deeper, the radial cutting power of lathe tool of whorl of factory of numerical control lathe is greater, so, in turning pitch the T when bigger echelon whorl uses thick lathe tool and lathe tool of essence of life to have rough machining and precision work respectively more. Echelon whorl has low speed cutting and high speed cutting two kinds of methods. (The echelon whorl with taller to precision requirement whorl of echelon of cutting of 1) low speed, and in make repairs and supply replacements or sheet when production, often use the method of low speed cutting. When cutting pitch is less than the echelon whorl of 4mm, can use a lathe tool only commonly, use take a way continuously and use a few or so feed, build whole lathe tool again after thick car, have finish machining take shape. When turning pitch when bigger echelon whorl, to avoid 3 cutting blade to participate in cutting at the same time generation is oscillatory, answer to use thick lathe tool first, use the feed fashion that controls the standard that drive a knife to undertake renting a car. Factory of numerical control lathe is in after assuring tooth height, use lathe tool of essence of life again have finish machining take shape into the law continuously; Become when pitch is very big, the horn before using radial is 0, two side grind the lathe tool of essence of life that has a bits chamfer, use the left and right sides to drive the whorl of echelon of methodological fine vehicle of the knife. (Whorl of echelon of cutting of 2) high speed is when the echelon whorl with not high demand of turning stiffness, precision, lathe tool of whorl of usable hard alloy undertakes high speed cutting. When using cutting of this kind of lathe tool, because 3 cutting blade participates in cutting at the same time, meeting generation is banding cut bits to pour out of, the operation is very insecure. For this, can use lathe tool of whorl of factory of numerical control lathe. Lathe tool of this kind of whorl grinds two circular arc that give semmetry in front, face of the knife before making Yº of the horn before radial increases two circular arc of factory of lathe of º numerical control to still make shows the fastigium shape structure of 3º~5º . This kind of lathe tool can reduce cutting force, increased the strength of lathe tool, reduced cutting vibration thereby. Factory of numerical control lathe is formed at the same time bulbiform cut bits, make a bits smooth. (The operation point 1) of whorl of 3) turning echelon is calculated tooth chamfer is wide, namely broad look of point of a knife of lathe tool of echelon whorl essence. The basis expresses 7-5w=0.


Width of point of a knife of 536a whorl thick lathe tool should be less than armour, car giving choice takes superabundant amount. 2) computation tooth height, namely tooth back penetration of a cutting tool measures ^ , the basis expresses 7-5^=0.

10 Ⅱ of 5P usually, when rough machining, the back penetration of a cutting tool that should obtain need namely is measured, assure the trail dimension of whorl, when finish machining, fine vehicle tooth two side. When whorl of echelon of 3) fine vehicle, lathe tool must hold sharp position from beginning to end, cutting speed % (5m/min, add the cutting juice that pours full amount. When whorl of vehicle of fine of 4) Chi low speed, had better use stretch arbor, in order to prevent cutting oscillatory or the phenomenon that plunge into a knife. The whorl inside echelon of factory of lathe of 5) numerical control is used commonly copper alloy and cast-iron wait for brittleness metal, compare easy treatment. Arbor of lathe tool of whorl of the echelon inside factory of numerical control lathe should suffer in internal diameter below the condition that be restricted, increase as far as possible sectional and shorten length, choose integral type high-speed steel commonly, in order to raise the intensity of lathe tool and stiffness. After 6) is good in echelon whorl car, the applied fine file or tooth of whorl of holystone nap purify pointed horn that go up or burr. CNC Milling