Chinese machine tool matchs tall pillow hard

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Machine tool industry is the fundamental industry of national economy and national defence industry, at present consumption of our country machine tool and entrance all are the world the first. Develop steadily quickly as our country economy, "China is made " tornado is blown more more intense, the tide of investment and exit in the ascendant, clearly is in the capacity dilate of market of our country machine tool eye, the future that can foreknow, the position that the first machine tool of world consumes big country will still indestructible. These two years, the brand of numerical control machine tool of province of Taiwan of Japan, our country, Europe, United States, Korea is right already the offensive that market of domestic machine tool gave out aggressive. According to statistic, the machine tool that imported from Japan 2004 is achieved 19.

700 million dollar, grow 58.

8% , import from Taiwan 12.

100 million dollar, the platoon is in the 2nd, the machine tool that imports from two afore-mentioned markets only is occupied 53 what import total value in those days.

7% . Import from Germany additionally 8.

600 million dollar, grow 51.

6% , import from the United States 4.

800 million dollar, grow 75.

3% . Enormous market size gives top-ranking productivity without practice, as the entrance the machine tool grows quickly continuously, the competition ability take in everything in a glance with flimsy industry of our country machine tool. Entrance of our country machine tool was 1999 15.

100 million dollar, rise sharply later, to 2004 entrance value already was achieved 59.

200 million dollar, the 4 times; that was 1999 and export value had 5 only 2004.

400 million dollar, import in those days not as good as very one of, adverse balance of trade of imports and exports is achieved 53.

800 million dollar, increased again than 2003 16.

300 million dollar. The demand that adverse balance of trade enlarges to show fixed assets of our country mechanical manufacturing industry invests generation on one hand ceaselessly is in warm up ceaselessly, the strength of technical reformation was increasing; to also mirror homebred machine tool to wait for respect and entrance machine tool in breed, quality, dependability on the other hand ceaselessly hard stand up to sb as an equal, put in the difference with bigger move and inadequacy. The backside of adverse balance of trade of the machine tool appears parallax to be apart from, the state of imports and exports of machine tool industry, reflection gave industry of our country machine tool to face the wave of economic globalization, hard have nothing worry about, the demand that the level of competition ability of industry itself core catchs up with integral countryman economy grows hard. Is precision of the index of machine tool technology of our country, treatment and dependability are in ahull in international competition the factual: that does not contend for? Mao of ∫ emperor wall suffers from in all refute of  of Tao of  of 9  banter seeks yo  guides  discharge magpie stops  to occupy π of  of  of accept of refute of  of Tao of target fade  ancienting name for a water catltrop. Instrument of    steals  of  of  of Bo of knife of large bamboo hat of natrium of refute of  of stool  Tao to knock at δ of  of Ni of accept of refute of  of stool  Tao to exemplary the ⒄ that take an examination of  is quite bald  of joke of  of  of night of lowing N of magpie of pool of  of pray of Xi   is miserable make an appointment with beat of border Cuo  , our country is imported in all stand, horizontal machining center 7168, value 7.

900 million dollar, grow 59 respectively.

2% with 50.

1%; number of feed inlet accuses lathe 4.

600 million dollar, 5 be common lathe.

100 million dollars of CNC Milling3 of entrance of 8 times; , 5 be average milling machine.

6 boring machine of numerical control of entrance of 1 times; is average boring machine.

2 times. As contrary as this, exported 2004 stand, horizontal machining center has 101 only, only 2.62 million dollar, the 3 millesimals; that imports amount not as good as exports numerical control lathe 0.

300 million dollar, not as good as the 1/3; that common lathe exports exports CNC Milling175 10 thousand dollars, 40% what be equivalent to the 9%; that average milling machine exports exporting numerical control boring machine to be equivalent to average boring machine only only. 2 it is price difference. Of machine tool of our country entrance all valence far outclass is exported all valence. The entrance of numerical control lathe is average 2004 the price is 5.

70 thousand dollar / stage, it is lathe of numerical control of export of the corresponding period all the 4 times;CNC Milling of valence is imported all valence is 8.

50 thousand dollar / stage, it is CNC Milling of exit of the corresponding period all the machining center of vertical of 5 times; of valence is imported all valence is 7.

40 thousand dollar / stage, it is machining center of vertical of exit of the corresponding period all 2 of valence.

7 times. 3 it is technical gap. Although in recent years a few crucial technologies of industry of machine tool of our country numerical control obtained major breakthrough, but overall technology, craft and performance are laggard still. Foreign machine tool is average time to failure (MTBF) be in 1000 hours of above, and homebred wander in 500 hours mostly. The rapid development of our country car and component manufacturing industry, aviation manufacturing industry, mould manufacturing industry is the main power that machine tool spending increases. No matter the hi-tech product that home is a delegate with numerical control machine tool at present cannot satisfy the need of the user far on breed, function, quality and dependability, cause competition ability of homebred machine tool not strong, the market is had rate is constant drop. Face up to difference, ability try hard to catch up. Want Chinese machine tool develops can have nothing worry about, must the competitive dominant position that ground of adjust measures to local conditions makes him. It is to want slow and steady, continue to develop show some to compare a dominant position, increase general accuracy machine tool and gain ground model the development; of numerical control machine tool 2 it is to want an edge to learn an edge to hit, through introducing abroad's advanced technology and administrative experience, let more foreign machine tools the manufacturer builds a plant in our country or create delegate office, by right of " the excessive outside the technology " the development potential; that effect increases trade of our country machine tool 3 it is to should give a hot pursuit firm is hit, support science and technology transforms traditional industry, raise the quality of numerical control machine tool and industrialization scale further, raise level of Wu of kimono of quality of machine tool product, dependability, develop new market actively, found oneself brand. (Information source: Website of Department of Commerce) CNC Milling