Exceed high speed plastic treatment

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Right very small plastic undertake with spare parts of metallic medical treatment imperceptible treatment can assure smaller active force, smaller cutting tool damaged, 0 calorific, better appearances exceeding high speed surface roughness, need not go at the same time burr and operate except grease, and cutting tool vibration is lower. Use 25, 000~ 60, the main shaft rotate speed of 000r/min reachs miniature cutting tool, can make sure higher spare parts quality is mixed shorten cycle time. But, exceed high speed to machine the element that involves 3 mutual correlation: The cutting tool of cooling fluid of low viscosity of ◆ of structure of cutting tool geometry that ◆ of technology of machine tool of ◆ high speed optimizes is smaller, the main shaft rotate speed that spare parts of medical treatment of efficient treatment high quality avoids place of cutting tool damaged to need is higher. Have the aid of is high frequency main shaft, can with most be as high as 60, the rotate speed of 000r/min has mill, auger, mill whorl and sculpture treatment. Besides using high speed main shaft, exceed high speed treatment to use inferior feed even, but use get much feed rate high. Its principle is, motion is enough so that heat up,have not enough time quickly to feedback arrives in the spare parts and cause a problem. To exceeding high speed to machine, the processing factory cannot go to outfit of cutting tool of a miniature merely on machine tool of a common CNC in 40# taper main shaft everything is just fine. The sort of main shaft is the design is used at large size cutting tool, such as flies 3 feet knife, undertake cutting in high density base material deep of bigger cutting. Accordingly, the force on this kind of main shaft and torsion can destroy small cutting tool, reduced efficiency so, price is high. Only alternative is to lower rotate speed and feed rate, the degree that falls to wriggle, but make cycle time so too long. Datron Dynamics limited company (Www.


The president Walter Schnecker of Com) says, when manufacturer designs a machine tool, have two way, the machine tool deploys a big electric machinery and heavy load to reach torsion in order to provide the power that place of large cutting tool needs drive, or machine tool weight is lighter, contain special design to use the main shaft of high speed small force of Yu Wei cutting tool. These two kinds of machine tools can be multi-purpose for certain model, can fulfil all sorts of functions, such as mill, get, tap and special form mill, but this namely muti_function the functional place of the machine tool. The result is, if the efficiency of the processing factory and quality are very important, and need to produce large part already, want to produce small-sized part again, so it will buy two kinds of machine tools finally neat, let them be in side by side same a workshop operation. Although such doing,seeming is happened to repeat in equipment and spending side, but Schnecker says, because efficiency is tall, diversity is big, have the aid of invests redound, can call in very quickly cost. The factory is OK the part with go out faster, better with lower cost treatment. Undertake to help an user transfer to use imperceptible cutting tool high speed is machined exceeding, datron provides machining center of its Excelsior Lite CNC to need the aircraft processing factory of high speed process capability, but cannot offer however use a diameter technically to be less than 0.

The machine tool of 250 inches cutting tool. Excelsior Lite mark matchs a power for 1.

2 KW, rotate speed is 30, the main shaft of 000 R/min, treatment mesa area is 2020 inches, change a knife automatically plant capacity is 5 knives, provide the control system that uses Windows to operate an environment. CNC Milling