Automatic shop takes technology and structure of big airlines composite material

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Current, the composite material on the plane makes dosage has been become measure its the important level of advanced sex. Boeing 787, plane of empty guest A380 uses composite material in great quantities, the dosage of the composite material on empty guest A350 more more than 50% . Have the project of large and civil plane of complete intellectual property as China, to assure its the market competition ability of the plane promotes the development of industry of domestic composite material, also be sure to use advanced composite material in great quantities. And one of crucial technologies that automatic shop brings a technology is use composite material. The history of advanced composite material is advanced composite material is 20 centuries 60 time are inchoate roll out with the form of one-way belt. Stick with manual shop at first, its craft is labor concentrated model, pose quality problem easily. 20 centuries 60 time metaphase, the development of aviation industry promoted its automation process greatly. Oneself make inchoate equipment below the guidance of airline or job shops in data vendor. The compose of equipment covered the archetypal machine that assists table from handiwork to arrive to take the lead by air force, the first total number of current motive force and research and development of Conrac company cooperation controls machine of belt of shop of dragon door type. This equipment is used to produce composite material part for F-16, those who use is the tape with wide 75mm. 70 time evening reachs 20 centuries at the beginning of 80 time, the plane that equipment maker produced course of study of the first Taiwan businessman to change and plane of band of shop of curved surface numerical control, these equipment are used on martial project (like B-1 and B-2 bomber) the spare parts of production plane. Limits of the bandwidth on curved surface is 75 ~ 150mm, plane can be as high as 300mm. 20 centuries 80 time evening, automatic shop belt begins extensive use to go up with the plane at business. Whole 20 centuries 90 time, the further progress that technology of equipment, process designing, shop carries technology and ATL composite material makes the shop takes craft to operate simpler, property more reliable, interface is more friendly. Composite material craft sums up oxygen of one-way carbon annulus beforehand dip belt is go up to coil in mount those who supply, typical width has 75mm, 150mm and 300mm 3 kinds of norms. Curved surface application uses 75mm and 150mm bandwidth, plane application uses 150mm and 300mm bandwidth. Material coils to be laded the head that carries in the shop. The shop is the first be put to be in when plane application 4 axes stage is worn on, put when curved surface application wear in 5 axes stage on. Oxygen of annulus of 1 advantage carbon beforehand dip belt reduced manual lay up greatly. Below the circumstance of planar feed a machine, stick at manual shop relatively, carbolic annulus oxygen beforehand dip belt is OK artificial work time is as high as reductive 70% ~ 85% , lay up efficiency can be as high as 1000kg/ week. The lay up efficiency of curved surface wainscot depends on ply of requirement of the complexity of curved surface, precision, spare parts and use bandwidth. The spare parts that plane transfers to curved surface also suits a shop to stick. The part is larger, number of plies is more, the productivity of lay up is better. The shop that another advantage is shop band plane puts a head to be able to rotate 190 ° of ± . Accordingly, fibrous angle is unlimited, from 0 ° ~ limits of 85 ° angle Neidouke is put with the shop. Be less than the place that takes width completely to be in, but cut one-way belt needs width to place. The part that 2 defect yeast for making hard liquor leads does not suit a shop to stick, because the belt is in,planar intermediate zone tends warp and bridge are received. In addition, mount produces damage possibly also. Small lay up counts the producibility that also reduced shop tape. The case that uses the part that makes by planar layer pressing plate has Boeing 777, empty guest the empennage construction part of A330/340 and empty guest A340-500/600 (alar bridge, costal region, long joist, C chamfer and " labour " the word grows joist) . The example of spare parts of curved surface lay up includes Boeing 777, empty guest the level of A330/340 and empty guest A340-500/600 / envelope of perpendicular and stable range. 1 shop of equipment description   is the first hank belt is in to supply by to load on the axis, the axis is located in be the first in front upper part. The belt is in for the system of belt position feedback, band above is being crossed in succession when makings slideway and cutting tool. Cross the band below finally slideway, in squeezing ramming base paragraph below arrive at mount to reclaim axis, the axis is located in at the back of be the first. Composite material belt crosses the motion that be the first to be called U axis. By supply axis and reclaim axial motor is controlling a belt. Axis of these 2 linear cut is in V axis and Q axis anatomical it is same, before be the first by installation, supplying axis and squeezing ramming between Duan Zhi. They are in perpendicular glide on the direction of belt method. 2 rotate axis of cut axis D and E axis make hit tape of front of needle cutting tool, these 2 axes are in anatomical similar, d axis is secured at V axis, e axis is secured at Q axis. The motion of V-D and Q-E axis cuts a wanted point of view on the belt. D axis and E axis are mixed with X normally / or Y axis reachs the designated position at the same time, in the process get ready at the beginning the next time cut. Cut passes composite material belt but do not adopt interleaving paper. Squeezing ramming paragraph be the design uses a shop to put composite material belt to go up in curved surface, be like groove, drawing with all envelope curved surface, maintain the squeezing ramming force that comparative to distributing to go up in the width direction of base at the same time. Roller of caudal squeezing ramming and belt base photograph match. Be cut to get used to the brim of monolayer by diagonal when the fine of the belt this kind of roller needs when strip is taken. Pressure of squeezing ramming of the belt when system of squeezing ramming of belt of a programmable allows to be taken in the shop is different. Pressure can adopt part program or of operator input and change. Nextpage     system of 2 control numerical control is system of curved surface of many module amortize, use a design technically for shop belt. The runner shaft that this system is not included and photograph of common cause numerical control contacts and treatment function (do not need because of the machine) , but the bag is contained additional function and flexibility will get used to different composite material to carry lay up head. All operation control and monitoring, by compositive be located in in in the control panel outside working area. As the complement of dashboard, so that operator is OK,still provided station of pushbutton of suspension of a manual pilot all sorts of machine functions are controlled inside tool bag line. 3 bide one's time the data-in that the person that order system design and order system help are used prepares shop of numerical control composite material to bring a machine. Write part program to need special process designing technology, because of the natural way that the belt must decide down place of curved surface mould. In addition, the design principle of the person that single store takes a process to must reach the designated position to be used in order to ensure (include space and criterion of fiber fixed position) be satisfied. The person that use can define parameter of border of tool cover, lay up, design and machine technology parameter. Use these file inputs, one approves a program to be able to be mixed with file of graphical data, log restart the file generates one each to use process designing tool together (APT) source code, data can undertake an analysis with the graph. APT source program can undertake handling generating extending the numerical control part program of the belt through APT coder and aftertreatment program. 4 shops take craft to describe a basis part program, implement proper encode and directive of axial fixed position, make the shop puts face of head park model. After the contact, the motion of the X that carries machine of programme controll of use numerical control, Y, Z, C, A, D, E, Q, V and U axis, the belt with wanted way the shop arrives on modular face. After be being placed to be on modular face when the belt, its head is in by suspension of cutting tool above, at the same time squeezing ramming force applies to lay up face through squeezing ramming base. This reduced a belt to be in mix through fracture surface cave the shift of place. Squeezing ramming force is controllable, from the dashboard input of operator. The force of belt squeezing ramming on whole 150mm width from 265 ~ 1303N, the limits of total squeezing ramming force on whole 300mm bandwidth is 265 ~ 2675N. These squeezing ramming range are used in regular store to take mode to fall. Before every shop takes flow to end, the belt is suited the angle of monolayer brim by clipping. Be the first still do 0 ° clipping to perhaps move the cut out unwanted material that makes proper point of view. This operation by drive of 4 numerical control (Q, v, d and E axis) the campaign of 2 cutting tool comes programme controll implementation. The speed of axis of every linear cut and belt speed establish a relationship through programme controll in order to define cut point of view. Additionally 2 drive provide these 2 cutting tool the axis about themselves (D and E axis) rotate to be spent freely. The cutting tool of programme controll rotates ensure cutting tool always is along cut direction. Cut carries composite material but do not adopt interleaving paper. Typical material type and form as a whole, suit what automatic shop takes to include to heat up solid colophony to infiltrate beforehand to makings raw material one-way carbon fiber or fibre glass, material is carried to go up to coil in mount supply, internal diameter of its core material is 255mm, mix by the side of the fibrous of dip beforehand mount is made the same score together. The composite material of manual lay up and automatic lay up coils have diverse demand. The wear that mount carries data and detached coating are very important, make ATL material applies automatic shop to affix into ground of roll into result, coil than supplying what stick to manual shop to become supply more successful. For example, if mount does not have enough wear, the circumstance that mount destroys can happen. If mount is destroyed, be the first wear need the line afresh. Improper detached coating is the first the influence in guide the freedom in inclined chamfer and squeezing ramming device to move. Additional, improper detached coating also preserves area of influence composite material the difficult easy degree on mount and in overwhelm the belt when the shop sticks a face to go up, the difficult easy degree that the belt breaks away from from mount. If beforehand the composite material belt of dip is in cut, guide and depart from mount before squeezing ramming device, the shop on the mould is stuck appear likely amlposition. If be during squeezing ramming, dip beforehand composite material belt is not broken away from from mount or part, the position of the belt also can suffer an effect. Automatic shop takes design criterion is one of technique that make place of spare parts of large composite material use. Bring technology with the shop for best benefit, the geometrical figure that must consider a hardware and squeezing ramming method (planar or curved surface lay up) . Of the complexity according to the spare parts, dimension and appearance different, laying the part of the belt is the plane transition to curved surface normally and belong to in front alludes spare parts category. The plane part of big curvature (wait like airframe, intake duct) compared with the shop fiber shop suits to put a technology more for the belt. When the methodological a future life that sticks with automatic shop when the consideration produces a part, the following spare parts feature should match figure of   · lay up cheek by jowl with the function of the machine / fiber angle should be inside limits of practicable cut angle; · curved surface and requirement of mould public errand must be mixed be the first appearance is relevant; · is strengthened place / reinforcement or bevel angle must suit, equipment must can mix be identical of modular face posture and beforehand dip belt does not have warp or the bridge is received; · composite material beforehand the manufacturing technology that the recipe that dip expects and form must fit a part; · such as is the first heat wait for craft to ask to need to try to consider; · should make sure in the choice of the bandwidth when appearance of clipping lay up lay up efficiency is the biggest change make sure flotsam is least at the same time; The data with relevant · is chosen must the design requirement that can satisfy a spare parts. In craft the requirement cannot satisfy the area of machine function, intervene need very much artificially. Intervene artificially to decrease, in the project begin to had better consider practicable composite material beforehand the flow direction of the technical properties of dip makings, equipment and spare parts in the workshop. Look into a shop to take craft to be in those who raise composite material to use plane and military airplane to go up in business to used a respect to have main effect. Become composite material from aluminous changeover as more and more spare partses, shop belt will become a Gaokesheng to produce the solution of gender and be to one's profit continuously. The example of prospective application can include business to use wing of plane composite material, civil structure spare parts and car and the structural part of other carriage industry. Believe to pass the research and development of big airlines project, design to make, we can master composite material automatic shop brings a technology, accumulate experience to use structure of composite material plane substantially. CNC Milling