An Overview of CNC Routers Manufactured in China(cnc rapid prototyping Erin)

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China has become a major global supplier of CNC routers due to its manufacturing capacity, skilled workforce, and competitive pricing. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) routers are machines that use computer-aided design and manufacturing to automate fabrication processes like routing, milling, drilling and cutting. They are essential tools for industries like manufacturing, construction, aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding and furniture production.
Many Chinese companies have invested heavily in CNC router technology and now export high-quality machines worldwide at affordable prices. This article provides an overview of the major CNC router manufacturers in China and the features of their products.
Key Chinese CNC Router Brands
Some of the leading Chinese brands manufacturing CNC routers include:
Biesse - Founded in 1969 in Pesaro, Italy, Biesse opened its first factory in Dongguan, China in 2006. It produces 3-5 axis CNC routers for woodworking, advanced materials and stone fabrication. Its Rover and Skill range of CNC routers are popular for their robust construction, high accuracy and reliability.
Jinan Bodor CNC Machine - Based in Jinan, Shandong Province, Bodor produces 3-5 axis CNC routers since 2004. It exports over 60% of its machines to markets like North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Its flagship models include the Bodor S32B, Bodor S43A and Bodor H37A.
Shandong Hanji CNC Machine - Founded in 2005, Hanji manufactures affordable 3-5 axis CNC routers for industries like furniture, acrylics, metal, stone, advertising and crafts production. Its machines like H3015, H4020 and H6025 are designed for high speeds and precision.
Axiom Precision - Located in Ningbo, Axiom offers OEM manufacturing services and exports its CNC routers globally. It specializes in 4 axis and 5 axis CNC machine production and integration. Its master-slave CNC machines have high-speed machining capabilities.
CanCam CNC Routers - CanCam, based in Guangdong Province, offers technologically advanced 3-5 axis CNC routers since 1998. It focuses on heavy duty CNC machines that offer high accuracy, speeds and power. Its machines are CE and UL certified.
Benefits of Chinese CNC Routers
There are several advantages to buying Chinese CNC routers:
Cost Savings - CNC routers made in China are generally 20-30% cheaper compared to European or American brands. This makes them more budget-friendly for small businesses and startups.
Customization - Many Chinese manufacturers allow customers to customize machine designs, axis configurations, size and features. This flexibility helps meet specific business requirements.
Scale of Production - Large factories and skilled labor pool allow mass production of CNC machines at rapid speeds in China. This results in quicker deliveries and adequate after-sales support.
Reliability - Chinese firms like Bodor and Hanji build reliable CNC routers using robust gantry structures, precision components and sturdy platforms. They undergo extensive quality testing.
User-Friendly Operation - Chinese CNC routers usually have user-friendly controls and software interfaces. Many models support plug-and-play operation for easier usability.
Key Capabilities of Chinese CNC Routers
Modern CNC routers from China offer many features and capabilities:
- 3 axis to 5 axis machining functionality expands application possibilities.
- Powerful spindles (up to 25 HP) allow high-torque milling of hard materials like metals.
- Variable-speed spindles (up to 24,000 RPM) enable smooth finishes across multiple materials.
- Rigid frames and linear guides boost machining accuracy and repeatability.
- Automatic tool changers allow faster workpiece production by reducing downtime.
- Vacuum hold-down beds and clamping systems provide efficient material hold-down.
- Touchscreen controls and graphical interfaces simplify machine operation.
- Support for CAD/CAM software helps with precision cutting based on digital designs.
In summary, Chinese manufacturers like Bodor, Axiom and CanCam provide technologically advanced and affordable CNC routers to compete globally. Choosing a reputable Chinese brand offers real value for money for small businesses as well as large industrial players given their experience, customization options and after-sales support. With proper research and planning, investing in a Chinese CNC router can significantly boost production capacities at very economical costs. CNC Milling